When my wheel of fortune spins around to the left, I hold my breath.
I know to count the cracks in the sidewalk, avoiding them, side stepping.
I know to look up just in case, then down… up and down, head bobbing,
as I stroll along familiar streets, expecting the worst, counter-clockwising.

I read my signs, the coffee grounds, the tea leaves in the morning cup.
If some bad thing happens, I can always expect two more…the law of contrary luck,
and even though I know, it’s been proven by science and my best friends to not be so,
I keep my eyes wide, waiting for that ladder to collapse while I foolishly walk below.

Superstitious you say? Not I! I’m just observing which way the wheel is turning,
and not expect much of this mercury in retrograde, that waits to trap me undiscerning.
Paranoid you say? Open your eyes, while all rolls to the left, I’ll not be caught in surprise
But you might be accused of a crime, or be a victim, in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

A day later, the spin’s slowing down; the sun comes out, as I cruise through the town.
8 pounds of weights I drop on the street, stepping lightly, I find a $10 bill at my feet.
It feels like a choir in harmony; everyone I see is smiling and being helpful & charming.
No need to wet my finger & check the wind; my wheel of fortune’s spinning right again.

Karima Hoisan
December 6, 2018
Costa Rica

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11 Responses to Counter-Clockwise

  1. daleinnis says:

    So very true and relatable! We know it’s all just our perception and our minds trying to make sense out of a pretty random reality; but at the same time we know very well that on some days you just have to be more watchful, and on others it’s all sun and good luck…


  2. Exactly Dale! Big smiles…thank you for making this comment..That’s what it’s all about:)


  3. Reminds me of this wise saying: Und aus dem Chaos sprach eine Stimme zu mir: “Lächle und sei froh, es könnte schlimmer kommen!”, und ich lächelte und war froh, und es kam schlimmer…! (in englisch something like: Out of the chaos a voice said: Smile, it could get worse, I smiled and it got worse)
    The good thing is, every night ends with the dawn of a new day and with the sunlight a new hope awakens. Sometimes I think Murphy’s Law is the only law that counts and all what we can do is to stand unshaken.


    • Thanks Natskers:) That is a very cool and true expression in German! Yes Murphy’s Law predicts disasters in our disaster-prone life.. I find that writing a poem, smiling (even if it does get Worse hehe) and laughing about it, are good methods for keeping our sanity. As we all know and I seem to write poems of this kind every now and then, like e.g. “The Changes Changes”, “This Too Shall Pass”… after the down swing, the left swing..comes the up swing and the right roll:) Just learn to duck hehe:)


  4. Hoyt Heron says:

    This sounds so familiar. The wheel of fortune always keeping us alert. And when it spins the right way, we must still keep a weather I peeled for it to change direction. It happens to everyone! Your words so bring it to the surface Ruca. The job of a writer. I know I repeat myself, but your writing is always insightful and profound! I’m so proud of your tremendous ability.


    • Aww thanks Hoyt! Yes, seems to be part of our natural order and always helps to know we are not the only one caught in the backward spin at times:) Aww you make me want to write and are such a supportive friend and “fan” of what I do:):) Means a lot…


  5. Joey says:

    That’s so me 😀 Life is keeping us on our toes, lest we become too careless. Who knows what’s still in store o.O


    • Thanks Joey for your comment in solidarity!! Yes, the only thing we can be sure of, is Life can change direction before we even realize it!. Keeping on your toes is always good advice:)


  6. Good post, I like to look for symbolism throughout the day it is how we are supposed to live through Divine Guidance.


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