Making Port at Circe’s Sat. 1/12/19-6pmslt

reading poster 2

Poster by Natascha Randt

Ahoy there Poet Lovers and Plunderers of a Good Time…
I’m docking at Circe’s, Saturday, January 12th at 6pm slt.
I’ve been on the High Seas for almost a year now, and I’ve brought back some
new spoils and (I hope you will agree:) some interesting sparkly things that are new to all of  you. Plus… I will share a few bits of treasure from previous journeys.. all  recited to carefully chosen music on the stream (You know how I do it:) and if you don’t’s the time to come and see:)
I am docking at Circe’s at 18:00 hours (6pm slt) but I promise I will freshen up before I arrive to entertain an always exciting group of friends, fans, other amazing poets,  artists and all-around interesting people:) and the curious too are most welcome!
Just click on my parrot who will lead you directly to the spot 
(My LM Parrot)
There will be an open-mic that begins at 5pm on voice and is always fun, and then I will read on stream.
Dress for Toadstool Sitting (I leave what that means up to you🙂
If you don’t like clicking links, you can ask me for a TP as long as I have not yet started reading….;)
I will bring you in
Hope to See You, My Treasured Mates, on the 12th!


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5 Responses to Making Port at Circe’s Sat. 1/12/19-6pmslt

  1. Suzanne Walker says:

    Yes, yes!!!!


  2. Joey says:

    Arrr’ll be tharrrgh … *cough* *cough* o.O


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