Twinkle & Sand

are-you-a-starseed 2
Twinkle & Sand
Click this Link to hear me recite it to the music that inspired it:
Twinkle & Sand.mp3

The twinkle lights on my ceiling… twinkling twinkling
felt like a visit from beyond when I opened my eyes.
I laid in bed, staring up..not afraid, just mesmerized
and amazed at the tiny light show
that centered and woke me from a deep dreamless sleep
then danced and scattered
above me, that moonless midnight.

Spreading out, coming together, otherworldly choreography…
Twirling pin points of light from no logical source,
I felt grains like the finest sand fall over me,
It made me catch my breath, I could have stopped breathing forever,
inert, unable to even raise my hand or my head.
My face was being bathed in the powdered grains of this
fairy dust.

I heard this music in my danced to the lights and the lights
rolled in waves and each measure invited me to be part;
each note grew in power to move me.
No fear, just awe and gratitude for this symphony,
this light show in harmony, dancing on my ceiling…
Calling me to dissolve in its symmetry,
In the unexplained magic of this moment I was being gifted.

I didn’t try to understand it..I lived it and it kept slowly building
until in a last crescendo I was moved to tears.
I can’t explain it, but in just two perfectly repeated notes
right near the end…  I knew without question;
it was my mother now beyond life, but not beyond memory
here visiting me .

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16 Responses to Twinkle & Sand

  1. daleinnis says:

    Lovely! That “awe and gratitude for this symphony,
    this light show in harmony”, is such a good way of relating to, of accepting, all the various things that come…


  2. Beautiful inspiration and music. The Universal consciousness opens majestically and magically at times unexpected but when most required.


  3. Oh thank you! Yes, smiles..I feel the same!


  4. menubar says:

    We are stardust. That’s why I spit in the river whenever I visit a new town – I like to spread myself around while I can.


  5. ronald174 says:

    How excellent is that experience! There are moments-times-when physics shifts and an altered sense of what we know and see and feel beyond this artificial veil. Still physics-but an expanded view. This is the terrain of “no time” and is the boundless reality of our amazing Universe. You connected with a momentary open window. It is where all have come from and where all will go. Where colored sand or confetti or sparkling colors Swirl and rule our thought space. Where the impossible is the reality. And our parent ones can approach if desired. Or ones from another time. Your truth is what you believe to be true. You describe how we can be bathed in a loved one-literally. Savor these moments. You paint with words and thoughts so well!


  6. Yes, where the impossible is the reality..I love that Tube, and you know I grew up in a way where anything was possible, was the normal way of thinking.. and yet, as we grew up, we are asked to give up our fantasies and many times our supernaturalities.. and just chalk them off to being young and naive. But then, something like this unexplained “visitation” happens and then is not talked about, until maybe a year later, because the right music was not found in this world..but then I found it:) and now I can share it..the whole experience with those who know what I mean…:)Thank you!


  7. Hoyt says:

    What a lovely creation you have concocted here my ruca. As always your reading, words, and music form the perfect symbiosis. The cosmic visit from your mother brought me chills! And knowing you, this really happened. Simply beautiful!


    • Ohh Hoyt thank you..sorry I thought I had replied to your beautiful comment days ago. Thank you for continuing to enjoy..just what I do:) Yes, this poem was born from a real experience….but you knew that:)


  8. Karima, a wonderful image to go with a beautifully written work.


    • Thank you so much for commenting on this poem Lance. I am honored you did. As you can imagine, this is based off of true experience ( two to be exact:) but joined in one poem, with poetic license:) I hope you played the recording I made of it. The Link is on the top to hear it. It brings in another dimension I think, recited to the music.

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  9. Beams in your inspiring compliment… thank you again Lance:)


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