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Markus Akesson

The path that leads to sleep is so overgrown:
Some natural un-pruned barriers trip me and I fall.
They stumble me until I’m humbled but not to sleep.
I descend to overly awake, tripping on the entire day, that just won’t go away.
Madness is watching this parade.

The more I try to move towards that oblivion,
The clearing in the jungle we call sleep,
The more I bog down along the way, with things I can never fix,
My feet held by living root systems, dragging me back to the past,
Then whip-lashing me into a future I doubt will ever exist…
Tangled in their twining, eyes open or closed it’s all the same…
I am too conscious of everything…and I’m still awake.

Hours of trekking leave me exhausted, but no closer to sleep.
Hours of imagery, half written poetry, repeated un-pleasantries
Hungry, thirsting, hoping for a cartoon bonk upon my head
Lights out….That’s All Folks!

Karima Hoisan

February 1, 2019
Costa Rica


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14 Responses to Insomnia

  1. Joey says:

    Awww, we all know _that_ feeling, I bet. Caught in just the perfect imagery. Here’s to a well deserved good night’s sleep 🙂


  2. Hoyt says:

    This is perfectly said! There is not a soul out there that has not been on this roller coaster ride of insomnia. Again..You have spoken for all! You are on a roll poetry-wise of late. Keep them coming. We need them now more than ever! Hugs!!


    • Thank you Hoyt! Sometimes I look in your mirror, and I actually feel like a”real poet” Your support has been with me so long, I might start accepting the fact I do write poetry:) and that you love it all:):)


  3. ronald174 says:

    You capture the frustration and sense of dreariness of the haze between fully awake to deal with life and the haze of sleep and dreams. Nagging ideas and images that keep intervening and popping up at inappropriate times. I think taking a cartoon mallet to them is a good idea, actually. Smashing those suckers flat works! It seems as the noisy, mindless static between radio stations. Mostly annoying nothing. The very fact that you can describe this terrain so adroitly means you are a fine poet! You work words and meanings like fine pieces of gold and silver into something beautiful and amazing. That is a rare and special gift! And we the unwashed out here in TV land need you beautiful words to remind us of the beauty of great words and thoughts. It gets dreary here, sometimes.


    • Such a great comment Ronald! Yes I guess we al have been there..For me this is not my constant nightly landscape (alhamdulillah!) but I have been there recently and just had to try to capture it in a poem. I’m so happy you think I did:) Thank you once again, for enjoying my poetry, and for taking time out from your full day, to let me know. That means so much to me. I agree, the grey can roll in…nice to shake it all up with a poem..or a surprise:) Thank you!


  4. daleinnis says:

    So well captured! And such an apt image to go with it. All those bogged-down, labored-over but unfinished, things…


  5. Steve Rogers says:

    I echo everything Joey says! At least you got a good poem out of a frustrating experience.


  6. Had me laughing at the end. But, this starts off with a very haunting feel.

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  7. Thank you..and I agree, my most creative time..IS late night! So you are right:)


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