Some Pics & The Recording from the Chelsea Hotel Reading Yesterday

Hi Everyone,
just going to put up the recording of yesterday’s reading and a few pictures from the really fun Sunday Spoken Word event, at the Chelsea Hotel.
Thanks to Dale Innis for all their help at the event and these great photos!
Click HERE to download or stream directly the whole recording. It came out well.

If anyone else has any photos, please send them to me in-world, and I will add them. Thank you all who came for being there. It was a really great audience and your support of my poetry means so much to me! Until next time……

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2 Responses to Some Pics & The Recording from the Chelsea Hotel Reading Yesterday

  1. daleinnis says:

    It was an amazing event! You outdid yourself, which is a high bar. I know you are too modest to mention the audience member who said at the end how glad they were to have wandered in, and that one of the poems was “life changing”. Indeed! 😀 Everyone was bowled over.

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