Open Field

Art Design by K

Art Designs by K

Open Field
You give me the moment others would take away

Your trust is like an open field where I can run to play
If I had to say it without the music making me, I couldn’t do it
If you’re surprised, love gets as good as this, well I always knew it.

Every time I ride along with you is a brand new sunrise-day
The more you unlatch the gates, the more I want to stay
And I won’t get lost in those roaming hours, if you just call
And I won’t lose sight of all we made, just to watch it fall.

Time tested, these pure-bred years, have broken every record for speed
Sweet ’n crazy, you and me; we’re a nightly galloping winner in the lead
And sure it’s about the divine chapters of  love, that we too live to glorify
And of course it’s about everything that makes it run so well… like you and I.

Karima Hoisan
March 23, 2019
Costa Rica

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8 Responses to Open Field

  1. So beautifully written expression of soul love it just gets better and better

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  2. Karima, written by the hand of a very talented writer. Exquisite!

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  3. Hoyt says:

    A high end writer once wrote,
    “There ain’t no money in poetry,
    but that’ what keeps the poet free.”
    That said, money or no money Karima Hoisan is one of the best as she continues to amaze with the above discourse of trust and love. There has to be a way for the powers that be to get her many beautiful poems in a printed hardback collection. Her opuses should reach out to the world. .And the illustrations are already there! Just saying…..

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