I Can

That’s the message Nat and I attempted to convey in our video by the same name.
This film was something very different for us, a challenge in a way, asked of us by our good friend, DB Bailey (David Denton Architect), who designed and built the See Yourself City Sim. DB had brought us into this really wonderful project, six months earlier, conceived by Suzanne Mitchell, MD,MS, Founder of
See Yourself Health – Play Wellness With Others from the University of Boston Medical School. Her vision of using virtual worlds as a means to help bring education and community to those who might not have that access, is now a reality in Second Life.
We are very proud to have contributed to this project, by making 6 videos. This final one,
“I Can,” we hope will bring inspiration and empowerment to those who watch it. You don’t have to have diabetes, to relate to it, but for those who are living with this disease, we made this for you, in the hopes it will inspire you to find your balance. I invite you to watch the video, and then I will add some beautiful photos taken by DB Bailey to give you an idea of how special these sims really are.. HD and full screen please:)

#1 4752_o

Overview of the City Sim with Orientation Sim top right



The Chapel in back where “I Can” is being shown – The Amphitheater Area


The Meditation Gardens


Captured by an artistic eye


I created a Meditation Pool in this area to hear music, float and relax

SYH Balcony 2

Nat (left) and I in our process of brainstorming the next scene

my spott_002

I got the best seat in the house! If you visit, try to find it

We hope you will enjoy our film and please share it with anyone you want. Comments and Likes on YouTube or here are very welcome. Special thanks to Joey TwoShoes, Dale Innis, Ito Naminosaki, and Desdemona Enfield for giving up their time and lunch breaks to be in this film:)
If you want to come visit and see these beautiful inspiring sims yourself;
here’s how you can do that.
New users of Second Life please enter first on the Orientation Path
For experienced users, enter here at See Yourself City
I recommend you take time to see the Orientation side in any case; it has much more to offer than just orientation! It has many activities and things to see (This side was conceived and built by Gentle Heron, founder of Virtual Abilities and Eme Capalini. There is also a very cool game designed by MadPea Productions, specifically for this project!
So come see, and for more information visit the See Yourself Health Website (link here)
We Can!!!!

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13 Responses to I Can

  1. I want to also convey our thanks to the RL/SL team who we worked with on this project.
    April Bassett Evan Wiecha Dre Cummings Daniel Brazill. Evan Wiecha was a wonderful bridge between all the parts and always inspired us on!

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  2. daleinnis says:

    Whoa, such a cool thing. DBs builds are so unique! 🙂 And as I said on the YouTube page, this should become standard watching for anyone in that situation, whether or not associated with the project. A service to the world!

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  3. Joey says:

    I just found the machinima on Youtube. It turned out just wonderful! Your words, Natascha’s images, how everything flows — it’s both touching and fun 🙂 May it be helpful and bring joy to all who get to watch this!

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  4. Very beautiful produced and inspiring for anyone trying to deal with disease or issues in their life. They can, everyone can and they are not alone. Love the graphic designs too.

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  6. Karima, the diversity of your gift for writing is amazing and quite exceptional.

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    • Thank you so much Lance for your encouraging comment. This project was a challenge from the moment I was asked to write, “an emotional poem” about diabetes (a disease I do not have,alhamdulillah, but one my mother, and millions others do) Both Natascha and I are very pleased with the great response, from people who watched our video. Thank you again, for your support. Coming from such an accomplished poet, it is especially motivating.

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      • Karima, you and Natascha are wonderfully inspiring writers and human beings. If you’re able to touch just one life in a positive way, then you have accomplished a great deal. I wish you both the absolute best!

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  7. Yes, i so agree with your words Lance…Hopefully we will help people who might benefit from the message.


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