Vector’s Vortex:Blue Rotation by Natascha Randt

Hi everyone, 5 years ago, right after I finished my world, “Vector’s Vortex” on Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand, Nat went in with her cool eye and navigator and her best  cyborg look and took some shots of the upstairs room on the world.
I had forgotten about this little gem and maybe you have too, so am posting this in 2019 and hope you will enjoy it again or for the very first time. Also, Nat is becoming a little cyborg herself these days (kind of an in- joke) so it seemed a fitting time to revisit this video that contains two of my very favorite things: The color blue and things that rotate! Plus, made by my favorite machinima maker, my video partner, Natascha Randt!!
HD and Full screen and Enjoy!‘s


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1 Response to Vector’s Vortex:Blue Rotation by Natascha Randt

  1. First time to see this great compilation of music and visuals.


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