Playing With Time



Playing With Time

We can play with Time
if we want, because
Time plays with us.
Makes us feel
that a week could not possibly have passed
that fast.
It make us feel young when we are old,
Makes us feel old when we are young and
Makes us feel we have so much ahead
and yet…
Makes us feel it could be over
at the end of this poem,
at the end of the day.
No more time when the moon rises,
we could be gone forever and ever
while Time leaves us behind and
Continues marching on.

I will play with Time.
It will be my game,
my rules.
I choose to live as if 9 years
is nothing…
a wink
a blink
a short nap in the middle of the day.
I choose to feel the same that
I have always felt for you.
You are no stranger, no unknown factor;
you will always be,
the one who captured me
with his passion for life,
his musical artistry,
daddy & mommy
and Time…?
Can just deal with it!

Karima Hoisan
June 29th,2019
Costa Rica

<Traducido al Español>

Jugando Con El Tiempo

Podemos jugar con el tiempo
si queremos,
el tiempo juega con nosotros.

Nos hace sentir
que una semana no hubiera podido pasar.
Así de rápido.
Nos hace sentir jóvenes cuando somos viejos.
Nos hace sentir viejos cuando somos jóvenes,
y solos.
Nos hace sentir que tenemos mucho por delante.
y todavía.
Nos hace sentir que podríamos estar terminados
al final de este poema,
al final del día…
No más tiempo cuando sale la luna.
Podríamos estar acabados por siempre jamás,
mientras el tiempo nos deja atrás
y justo….
Sigue marchando adelante.

Asi que,
jugaré con el tiempo.
Será mi juego,
Mis reglas.
Elijo vivir como si 9 años
no es nada,
un guiño,
un parpadeo,
una breve siesta al medio día.
Elijo sentir lo mismo que
siempre he sentido por ti.
No eres un extraño, ningún factor desconocido.
Tu siempre serás,
él que me capturó
con su pasión por la vida
Su arte musical
papi y mami
y que el tiempo …  Se preocupe por eso!

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15 Responses to Playing With Time

  1. daleinnis says:

    Struck by how it goes from our relationship to Time in general, to the specific case of a relationship that Time has been kept from changing. Very nice!

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  2. Time is man-made there is not such thing. Living timeless is the way to live to exist and flow with the cosmic energy. Man-made time dictates too much and is controlling. Love your poem inspiring and informative.

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  3. Thank you Dale, you’re right.. Time. affects everything.. the inanimate and sentient, the transcendent as well as our insignificant humanity.


  4. Wow, thats, i wanna say as always, a poem with more than meets the eye.

    All things are relative, even time:)
    Time is a physical quantity.
    Time is also a personal thing, and yes thats it what let us think that time is fleeting, when we do something that makes us happy, or being with someone we love. On the other hand we feel that time stands still when we sit in a dentist’s chair …

    We can try to fight against time, with something like cosmetic surgery and things like that. But in the end time is the big leveler and also the great separator…
    There is a song, written long ago, called: Zeit macht nur vor dem Teufel halt, in english something like: Time spares no-one but the devil. Every time I read or hear about time this song comes into my mind: Time separates the poet and his words, the dancer from the dance, the dreamer from the dream …

    And so, what you wrote: “Makes us feel it could be over at the end of this poem, at the end of the day”, is so true and the best we can do is, what Horace has written down long ago:
    Carpe diem, seize the day!


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    • I really enjoyed your comment Nat!. As I said on Shesa’s,you both looked towards the bigger picture with great examples. Haha why Do dentists have that power to slow time to a stop? Jets can sure do that too when you are making a cross-Atlantic or Pacific flight..Time nearly stops! I check my watch 6 times in an hour:) I agree with you..Sieze the day and as Time is racing onwards…just stop it now and then to enjoy the special moments, that might never come back again…or the ones that do return..feel them, enjoy them, like it was an hour ago:) Play with it!! Why not?? HUGS

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  5. Shesa Quandry says:

    Well said, Natascha. Carpe diem indeed! Another all-time classic: Tempus Fugit, time flies ;o) I am always fascinated by the (blatantly) different rate time passes when we are doing what we must vs. doing what we want. An hour in SL isn’t the same as an hour at the dentist. It just isn’t! I know the scholars will argue it is… but frankly, I don’t believe them. It is just too profound and consistent to be a coincidence. Time plays with us constantly! Lets take Karima’s advice and play back. Carpe diem …because… tempus fugit ;o)

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    • A great comment on Nat’s great comment Shesa!! Makes me so happy to see you found your way back to my blog!!! Nat, I still owe you my comment too…I love how a little poem, can inspire those who read bigger and more profound thoughts, like yours and Nat’s!! Big hugs and much gratitude for your visit 🙂


  6. Hoyt Heron says:

    Brilliant Miss Karima! That muse of yours is in full swing the past year. I love the idea of us playing with time instead of visa-versa. Dr Seuss once said, “How did it get so late so soon?”

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  7. Five-star poetry: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!

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  8. I just did:) You can see it here:) Thank you for that Benjamin:) You inspired me…


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