Now You See Me

Now You See Me

Now You See Me -Markus Akesson

Now You See Me
inspired by the painting of the same name- artist, Markus Akesson

In every human being that breathes..there lies a mystery,
A coded cocktail, trying to balance disorder and symmetry,
Deeper than we could ever go or ever even know,
Where we’re born with that first brush stroke, the Artist’s vision.

Although it sounds contradictory, it’s not that important to see me,
In order to believe in me, and know and touch and even love me.
If you can read and understand my lines, than you hear who I am ,
When you listen, my words will paint a path, that let’s us dream together.

Am I not more than the hair that frames my face, my eyes, my skin?
Would you even know how to unwrap me or where to begin?
If you do it too quickly, I might start to shred and too easily tatter;
If you allow me to reveal myself, in my way, we’ll live inside my poetry.

Look how I appear and dissolve into the background from where I came,
The benefits of not being inside a body, but just being inside of me.
Beautiful dichotomy; as I said before, it’s not that important to see me,
Just read me, hear my voice repeating lines inside your head, day after day…
What’s that you say? Ah, now you see me!

Karima Hoisan
August 21, 2019
The Mountain, Kitely

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12 Responses to Now You See Me

  1. daleinnis says:

    Now I see you! 🙂 This is lovely. Such an evocative image! And such truths you put to words from it.

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  2. Since I first saw this painting, I knew someday it would inspire a poem…months later, as it turned out, but I’m so happy, I finally found the words:) Thank you Dale!


  3. lunabranwen3 says:

    This is surely one of my favorite poems of yours to date, Karima! I will be hearing these lines, and your voice in my head repeating these lines for days to come, and will live for a time in your poetry with you, once again. How lovely! xoxoxo

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    • Aww Luna, thank you..we have both been privileged to live for many enjoyable moments in each other’s poetry:) SL and all virtual worlds prove that we don’t need to see each other to really “see” each other:) Big hugs and thank you for this comment…I loved it!


    • PS:) The first time I saw this painting by Markus Akesson, I thought it was a photograph. When I realized it was an oil on canvas, I felt , even more,the responsibility to find the right words, it was making me feel.:)


  4. ronald174 says:

    Truly a fine poem from the master of words! This is how we see and feel people from the outside in-inside out, and not even looking at all, sometimes. This really describes touching one’s soul and being at a level beyond, and much more intimate, than merely their hair or body or something physical. You are right-those are merely the container. The ‘insides” are much harder to reach with clarity. You capture this gossamer interplay well, as always. Almost more of a mood than words. Beautifully said, Karima.

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    • Thank you so much Ronald for your generous comment. Yes we do feel and see people, as you say…from the outside in-inside the end what really counts is our essence…how we have been molded and formed by our lives and that has no hair or skin you know:) You and I have worked on these levels, these more subtle layers of interacting and know this to be true.. it’s why we are such good and easy friends and for such a long time too:) I really enjoyed this comment:)


  5. Joey says:

    Once again, this resonates with me on many levels. Many artists I know go all out with their works to excite the audience’s curiosity–for the work, not themselves. Of course, there are those who are quite comfortable with the blinding spotlights pointed at them. But many are introverts and prefer to express their self solely through their art. Most likely they are both tender souls, one wrapped in a blanket, the other in colorful stage lights. Not so different, one might think.

    Ah, I am rambling… I love the poem! Hugs 🙂

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    • Hehe..ramble away Joey! I love your musings on this poem and painting. I agree with you..and this is a very many-layered subject.. Yes even the ones who wrap themselves in stage lights can be the end..they need the reassurance that they are doing fine..they need a whole audience to tell them they are..night after night. I think, and it is a blessing, all who create in one form or the other..have a bit of the introvert hardwired inside:) have a bit of insecurity, that can be conquered, by creating something..they too are pleased with. You as a writer, I know you know this:):) Thank you for your thoughtful comment Joey and your support!

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  6. In a way it is true, that our inner space (so to say) makes us human and maybe different of all lifeforms on that little planet. We are able to express ourselves, our thoughts, feelings and all that it is greater than our appearance. I agree with every line of your great poem.

    But, butt:) I think that we need both, body and soul.
    Both together is what makes us. And both results in the being.
    Now you see me, now you don’t:)

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  7. Yes Nat, you are right..but butt…hehe in SL and virtual worlds..our RL bodies are not even taken into account, unless we choose to add them to the mix:) In a way this wrapped figure reminds me of something said about avatars…They are ALL (or can be) beautiful..what differentiates one from the other is what’s inside.. If this figure or the many variations of this theme, that Marcus paints, were the only avatars that we could choose from..I have no doubt we would still find our kindred souls inside the anonymous virtual cloth:) Great comment Nat! as always:) Thank you!

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