Two Tornados

Two Tornados

Two tornados dancing down the cobblestones,
parting the sleeves of weeds,

just being what they are…full of electric charge and swirling winds,
fearful majesty, power and awe..
tornados without a care.

Skipping over fences then dropping down in creeks,
lifting the water high like sprinklers dampening their path.

Hot winds and cold currents, still attached to the sky..
funneling from and sucking the stuffings out of Wedgwood clouds,

free to trip over fields… stirring up their warm moistness with their cool dryness.

Lightening strikes are visual cymbals
announcing now their erratic artistic spinning and

thunder plays the timpani,
drumming out an echo that sounds just a beat after they blow by.

From the distance they are capricious beauty, they are passion and solidarity,
two powerful lovers who will burn themselves out when their run is done..
But below their path, small things have died..
all flowers have lost their heads…
some tiny chicks and seeds and grass and leaves were sucked up and away..into an oblivion,

Two tornados dancing down the cobblestones…. grace or only tragedy?
I guess it depends upon where you were standing when they passed.

Karima Hoisan
August 29,2019
Costa Rica

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13 Responses to Two Tornados

  1. daleinnis says:

    Such a fascinating view on things that we think of as terrifying and destructive! Acknowledging that they are, but also showing them as a pair of carefree lovers, not thinking of what is being destroyed as they pass. (And a perfect image for it.)

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  2. Thanks to Scottius Polke who showed me the music that pulled this poem out of the sky, so I could write it down:)

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  3. Haha Scottius!! Of course you wrote that:):) Glad it swept you up:)

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  4. ronald174 says:

    Just amazing! Equating a violent storm to the energy of a charged relationship. Charged with sound and fury and destruction unpredictability. Tearing thru life-or across the landscape. I have been chased on a motorcycle by a tornado in Eastern Colorado. My young pregnant wife behind me. Thru blinding rain, ice, sleet, and whatever else coming at us sideways. I can tell you the unnatural noise these make is terrifying. So your metaphor is quite apt to edgy dance lovers play and sense of terror that always just behind the deafening roar of the charging “train” bearing down. You capture that sense of pending….something. Th lightning strikes-the roar of quicksilver tornadoes. Again-you capture lightning in a bottle here. Nicely done!

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    • Wow and you had the frightening Real LIfe experience..Thank you for sharing that Ron:) I didn’t remember this until today, but I have done this once before.. where I equate tornados to high powered lovers. You might remember the poem, Drunken Tango On The Floor” (calves and pelvis riding on a two-backed dancing storm
      descending from the nimbus clouds above.) I footnote about this strange poem, that surprised me very much as 1. I wasn’t even feeling like I would write a poem, and the music that inspired it, is a looping Celtic video game track from The Witcher Which believe me has almost the opposite feeling of the poem…maybe assessing the damage after the storm has passed.. would be a good way to describe the music..but my muse in quirky and writes what she wants…when she wants it:) Thank you so much for your comment and your support….always!!

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  5. Karima, magnificent imagery. Your writing is beautiful music for the mind.

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  6. Hoyt says:

    What a beautiful and accurately descriptive piece Miss Karima. I’ve never read or heard a better depiction of a tornado. I am so smiling right now knowing this came from you. Have I ever told you that I love, love, love your writing?

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