Please listen to the poem, clicking here, recited to the music that inspired it.

For Our Planet

Raindrops beating on a metal drum creating a symphony,
In my mind, I hear so clearly, the repetitive syncopated harmony.
While the trees drop their leaves and a chill enters the scene,
I am losing myself to this rhythm of Nature’s spontaneity.

And when it doesn’t rain a long long time………. we all start to die.
And when it rains for 40 nights and days ……….. we all start to die.
And when we have no water and only sun ………. we all start to die.
And when we have only water and no ground … we all start to die.

Raindrops beating on a metal drum, creating awareness and sympathy,
Teaching us that harmony and balance, if not maintained, brings tragedy.
Benevolent music, hidden in plain sight, more profound than you realize,
Hold your breath and see, not only hear, the sounds as they materialize.

And when our greed is put before the common good…………  we all start to die.
And when they go deaf to our home planet’s cries…………… we all start to die.
And when we continue to use herbicides & insecticides …we all start to die.
And when the bees and birds and fish are less & less & less…….. we all start to die.

Raindrops beating on a metal drum creating a symphony,
In my mind I hear so clearly the repetitive syncopated harmony.
While the trees drop their leaves and a chill enters the scene,
I am losing myself to this rhythm of Nature’s spontaneity

Karima Hoisan
September 22, 2019
Costa Rica

*Music: Once Again (Red Snapper remix) Danny Cudd & Markus Johansson



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10 Responses to Raindrops

  1. Karima, what a gorgeous poem… metered to perfection. And the words and music are a melody of enchantment, a rivulet of golden waters gliding along on a crisp, bright morning. Simply superb!!

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  2. ronald174 says:

    How perceptive! You have laid out the literal voice of survival- “Balance and Harmony, Balance and Harmony, Balance and Harmony” in the singsong voice only Mother Nature has. As I read your poem, those words sang in my mind to the words written. Over and over and over again. In that metallic voice of rain hitting metal. It clearly does not take much to throw everything off. And Nature is disturbed. And people can die as result. Sometimes thru Nature’s whimsy-sometimes thru human neglect or greed or stupidity or avarice or pick one. The balance is thrown off and terrible things can happen. We can hear the balance perfectly well in raindrops. That is one of the voices Nature has. You made clear the scales of chaos to balance. Will we listen? We will ignore this advice at our peril. Balance and harmony-or unbalance and chaos? Much is in our hands. You add an exclamation mark to the urgency of our survival-will we pay heed? Nicely etched!

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  3. Thank you Tube for standing next to me in this musical rain, that tapped home to me a small warning in its raindrops…It feels that way to me:) You heard the same one I did.We have been teetering for a long time now..with the deniers..denying, and the concerned and observant sounding alarms, trying to do their important parts, even in small ways… This week and still going on..people are saying..it’s now or never..if we lose the balance,,,,we will all start to die.. In Spanish we have a song that tells the story (a metaphor for love) about someone who planted a flower, not taking it very seriously, and forgot to water it and take care of it…after three days, he went back to see how it was doing, and it was dead..He tried to make it rebloom, by pouring rain over it, he even wet it with his tears..but his friends told him..don’t water this flower anymore, this flower can never bloom again, for its heart is dead.. Where I used to think of couples who took each other for granted, now I think of our planet…at some point if the balance is lost…there is no bringing it back to bloom and thrive …and then,,,,we all start to die.


  4. ronald174 says:

    As a sort of postscript to your amazing poem, I have some thoughts. I think we have 2 important goals here. One is that we act in small ways that individually we can. Use less plastic material. Don’t throw away-recycle what you can. Make fewer car and plane trips. Plant trees and other vegetation when possible with native plants. Etc. Second, we need to personally care for and support each other while we are here. All of your wonderful, creative audience members help by sharing their thoughts and hearts here. That is a powerful thing to do! The sharing and connections made have power to change much. Not out of fear-but joy in expanding the brilliance and heart you expose in your writings. Everyone has brilliance to add to the collective mix. This is magic stuff! This itself is a subtle force of change. Exchanging ideas. Exchanging love. May not look like it-but it is indeed! You are simply supplying the subject and container-and we can help fill it. Peace.

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    • I so enjoyed your postscript too! I agree with you..comments shared are a powerful bond that unites people when we do it. Facebook has sacrificed the real comments for likes and emojis.. and it is rare to receive well thought out comments on this platform. For years I have lamented the death of the blog, as a viable platform for bringing people together and sharing opinions, In realty..blogs are not dead..but many who used to comment here, no longer do so..You are one of the rare ones who does in fb too, but I am no longer posting my poems there (fb) because I think really most don’t care:) My faithful blog since 2010 is still a good way for friends like you to get together we me and exchange our thoughts on a wide array o topics..Thank you for your loyalty Tube..all these years…


  5. This is a wonderful poem! I can feel and hear the drum beating.

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