Karima’s After-Sunset-Reading at Circe’s Saturday Oct. 12 6pm slt


Poster by Natascha Randt

Don’t be afraid…I don’t bite much:) as I will be too busy this Saturday,
October 12, at Circe’s Poet’s Sanctuary, waiting for that awful sun to go down, so I can read my poetry that I have selected for your listening enjoyment. I can be nice, and I will… I promise. I am not even delivering a particularly dark presentation, but maybe a few could be called Halloween-ish. I am what they call, a once- a- year vampire, and this happens only in the month (yes the whole month) of October! I am sure I was cursed by those old vampire legions of 2008, that used to go around biting everyone..and somehow I was only partially afflicted in this manner..a once-every-October-transformation into..moi:)
So, I know I am cutting it close, reading at 6pm, but in my part of the world, it is deliciously dark by this hour.
I hope you will join me, this coming Saturday:
Fly on little bat wings to Circe’s starting at 5pm with Open Mic in voice..then I will read on stream at 6pmslt… Please join me…I will be reading 10 new poems I have never read and a few oldies that were requested..From Bullrides & Magic to Circus Acts & Raindrops…

Try not to miss this one:)

Seductively Yours,
Karima Vamp  de Hoisan


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2 Responses to Karima’s After-Sunset-Reading at Circe’s Saturday Oct. 12 6pm slt

  1. Karima, you are a true pioneer in the literary world. I am in awe of your relentless pursuit of exploring new ways to get the poetic word out there, not just thinking, doing. Each new penning posted, verbalized on YouTube, is an extraordinary masterpiece. Thank you for making literature a true art form!

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  2. Oh Lance, thank you for your support and your admiration. You know how much I admire your poetry, so this means a lot to me. Thank you for finding my blog:):) Peace and Inspiration…


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