La Caja de Oro – The Gold Box


La Caja de Oro
Para E.

Me dijiste:
“Este momento..este momento exacto que estamos viviendo
quiero guardarlo en una caja de oro…
cada pensamiento, cada palabra suspirada
cada paso, cada segundo, cada gemido.”

Te dije:
“Yo soy tu poeta, y para ti, construyo esta cajita
con solo mis humildes palabras y mis pobres estrofas
con mi amor, tejo el techo con mosaicos de nuestra historia
con estos meses de pasión, de lujuria y sequía y espera
Con los dolores propios y los de todos que nos rodean
Con lágrimas de risa y llantos de frustración
Te voy a regalarte esta cajita para los recuerdos
los momentos únicos que hemos vivido, y que seguimos viviendo
Tu decides cuales son que tu quieres guardar,
y yo estiro los lados cuando la caja se llena
y yo estiro mi corazón para amarte más cada día.”

The Gold Box
For E.

You told me:
“This moment … this exact moment we are living…
I want to store it, in a gold box …
Every thought, every sighed word
Every step, every second, every moan.”

I told you:
“I am your poet, and for you, I build this little box
With only my humble words and my poor stanzas.
With my love, I weave the roof with mosaics of our history
With these months of passion, lust and drought and waiting
With our own pains and those of everyone around us
With tears of laughter and tears of frustration
I’m going to give you this little box for memories
the unique moments that we have lived, and that we continue to live
You decide which ones you want to save,
 and I will stretch the sides when the box is full
and I will stretch my heart to love you more each day.”

Karima Hoisan
December 11, 2019
Second Life

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6 Responses to La Caja de Oro – The Gold Box

  1. ronald174 says:

    How nice is this poem! So many emotions and such a confining box! How could they all possibly fit? Well, seems the box is like us. It can expand to hold everything-and then some more! You capture the human desire to hold emotions in flight-to freeze or photograph them 3 dimensionally. I think it is true we can encapsulate many emotions and feelings in one space. In the future-this is what we take out to re-experience a memory or feeling. A golden box sums it up. Your can pack a lot of ideas in a small box! Nice.

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    • Thank you so much Ronald…yes you bring up a good point…one the poem does too..How to fit so many memories in a finite box..? Well if the box is made from poetry;) by a poet, there are some wonderful “tricks” to stretch it when needed..but as we both is a very human , but somewhat unrealistic,to be able to stop those moments and hold them, in a box, in our mind , or even in a poem.. Still as a romantic poet, I will always try:):)


  2. ronald174 says:

    I think it is the nature of humans to desire to extend or prolong an experience in order to make it last somehow. Unrealistic-yes. Commonplace-also yes. To stretch the experience. To “freeze” them. To stop them somehow. But-that cannot happen. Any more than we can stop time. We can “photograph” the experience to give it some memorable shape. An image like a golden box is a good one because we can envision it hold valuable markers of our life. Filling it up. You do give it shape to expand to hold all it needs to. Some may desire to collect these golden boxes and line them up on a shelf in our memory or experience. That cannot happen because we are wired to keep moving forward in time. Relentlessly forwards. They cannot be stored like something static. They keep shifting and reshaping. They will never stay static. No matter how much we may want them to.

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  3. Karima, you are the quintessential poet- Every thought, every sighed word
Every step, every second, every moan…
    Verses like an emotional sea with its waves lapping the souls of your readers. All kept in your ‘Gold Box’!

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