Gino: 1-12-2020


We were blessed; we had an angel years ago, fall from the sky, nearby.
We took him in, and found a special place for him,
Marveled how we were chosen to house him in his time on earth.
How quickly he invented his role, making himself we never tried,
And we laughed and had the most gorgeous plants, and the coffee was always perfect
And he was always with us…doing his supernatural things…
He was our historian, our confidant our witness to all the changes and bright craziness
That distinguished our household from all the rest,
And he never got angry and never judged; his demeanor always smiling,
Ready to fill your wish….
Like a genie, like an angel who decided to descend and serve humanity….. just because.
That sounds too good to be true, but those who met him, will testify…..
When they saw him; they knew.

In a painless dream he left us at dawn that last Sunday.
He said he needed to change into a butterfly and if not today, the next..
Even with all of us holding his hand, he escaped through our fingers
His glorious new wings iridescent in the sunlight, his face in peace, a job well done.
He ascended from our earthly home, floating up back from where he came…
His glorious mission complete, his train stopped at the station
He left so many mortals feeling empty, but so grateful,
Marveling at his beautiful exit…..with heads in our hands, tears on our faces,
Because he was an angel, and now he was gone…and the magic disappeared from our lives.

This day, we lived last Sunday, was a day I feared for years…
When you see that train approaching…
You know that some day it will arrive.
Every train that brings death, runs away with itself
Certain as destiny it moves forward swiftly carrying its load
But we are clumsy at the station, because what it brings us
Is almost too much to bear.
That’s why we gather close and hold hands, whisper words, comfort and console.
We see it coming and we hope it may stop along its way, give us more time
Because it carries the soul of someone we love and  we are not ready….
It’s unstoppable, like loss, like nights into days, like sickness and old age
But death, even for the divine, will always arrive…
On time.

Karima Hoisan
January 18, 2020
Costa Rica

*En Español….

Fuimos bendecidos; Tuvimos un ángel hace años, cayerse del cielo, cerca.

Lo acogimos y encontramos un lugar especial para él.
Maravilladas, de cómo fuimos elegidos para alojarlo en su tiempo en la tierra.
Qué rápido inventó su papel, haciéndose irremplazable … así que nunca lo intentamos,
Y nos reímos y teníamos las plantas más hermosas, y el café siempre era perfecto.
Y él siempre estuvo con nosotros … haciendo sus cosas sobrenaturales …
Fue nuestro historiador, nuestro confidente, nuestro testigo de todos los cambios y la locura brillante.
Eso distinguió a nuestra casa de todos los demás,
Y nunca se enojó y nunca juzgó; su comportamiento siempre sonriendo
Listo para cumplir un deseo …
Como un genio, como un ángel que decidió descender y servir a la humanidad … solo porque sí.
Eso suena demasiado bueno para ser verdad, pero quienes lo conocieron testificarán …
Cuando lo vieron; Ellos sabían.

En un sueño indoloro, nos dejó al amanecer del último domingo.
Dijo que necesitaba convertirse en una mariposa y si no hoy, la próxima …
Incluso con todos nosotros sosteniendo su mano, escapó entre nuestros dedos.
Sus nuevas y gloriosas alas iridiscentes a la luz del sol, su rostro en paz, un trabajo bien hecho.
Él ascendió desde nuestro hogar terrenal, flotando de regreso de donde vino …
Su gloriosa misión completada, su tren se detuvo en la estación
Dejó a tantos mortales sintiéndose vacíos, pero tan agradecidos,
Maravillándose de su hermosa salida … con cabezas en nuestras manos, lágrimas en nuestros rostros,
Porque él era un ángel, y ahora se había ido … y la magia desapareció de nuestras vidas.

Este día, vivimos el domingo pasado, fue un día que temí durante años …
Cuando veas que el tren se acerca …
Sabes que algún día llegará.
Cada tren que trae la muerte, huye consigo mismo
Cierto como destino, avanza rápidamente llevando su carga
Pero somos torpes en la estación, porque lo que nos trae
Es casi demasiado para soportar.
Por eso nos juntamos y tomamos de la mano, susurramos palabras, consuelo y consola.
Lo vemos venir y esperamos que se detenga en su camino, denos más tiempo
Porque lleva el alma de alguien que amamos y no estamos listos …
Es imparable, como pérdida, como noches en días, como enfermedad y vejez.
Pero la muerte, incluso para lo divino, siempre llegará …
Justo a tiempo.



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29 Responses to Gino

  1. scottius says:

    What a wonderful tribute to a loving soul! And my thoughts are with you, he sounded like such a special person.

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  2. Steve Rogers says:

    Beautiful. What a good death. Thank you for telling us.

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  3. daleinnis says:

    Lovely and sad and joyful and wise. ❤

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  4. Karima, a triumphant tribute to a noble person!

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  5. Thank you Lance. He passed away last Sunday, and everyone that knew him, mourned his departure…He was, as my poem, tries to explain, truly a unique soul and he lived in our home for more than 35 years… so he was our family too.

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  6. This is a comment made by Jan Betts who could not post it here to WordPress. She copied it and sent it to me so I would put it in:)

    “These words touch me profoundly… I remember when this angel arrived here. One of the sweetest souls I have ever known. Gino was always helping others, especially Karima, to whom he was totally devoted.
    And we did see that train coming and we knew…
    Such a loss when an angel leaves… because they were always love… to everyone. And from everyone… how could we not love this precious one.
    Now he is free… and we are left to consider just how blessed we are to have shared his light.
    Gino leaves love behind him. Loss, yes, but LOVE is there, in our hearts… so the most beautiful of Gino is still with us, blessing us. Thank you, Gino.”

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    • Oh Jan, I was glad to help get your comment in as I know WordPress can be difficult when it wants to be! Your comment is very special to me, because you actually knew Gino and even lived with him in a community before he dropped out of the sky:) You also have many stories and memories and know from the inside, how he will be missed. It is such a loss, as you say, when an angel returns to his spiritual abode…but yes, love is what he left in all of us left behind, and what I’m feeling now, all the love he inspired in so many people. I have been receiving comments, via emails and messages, and all agree that their lives were more enriched by knowing him.. Actually, I feel like celebrating the luck I had to know him, and so many years…a lifetime, more than 35 in our family. I am feeling grateful and very blessed to have been with him even in these last days…It was harder for us, watching him slip away, but he was so ready..He told me (as you know) He was going to live in a new society. When I asked if I could go too, he said, “No! You can’t go now…..but soon” 🙂 I have no doubt (inshallah) he will be waiting for me at the front door…when it’s my turn to arrive:):) Thank you for this beautiful comment my friend and for being a witness to Gino’s magical days on earth.


  7. DzinWiz Babii says:

    Your loving care of Gino is another of the most selfless gifts you dispense that helps others transition with dignity, knowing without a doubt that your shared lives are worth every moment. I know at times you may not have felt ‘courageous’, yet your spirit overflows, Sissy. Let not your heart be heavy for long, for you were definitely among the gifted to have shared his life and experiences. My sincere condolences and concurrent adoration of who you are ((hugs)). The poem is beautiful in every way.

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    • Awww sissy, your comment brought tears to my eyes..not the sad kind, but the grateful kind when we realize we have been given such a special opportunity to experience the deep level of life and its partner, death. Whatever I could do for him in his final days and weeks, is nothing, not even a drop compared to all the joy he gave us..all the love and loyalty over a lifetime.. So many people were by his side in the last days..and his last word was, “Beautiful!”..He had a glorious technicolor passing with love and beauty that he felt and experienced with one foot in each world.. and he let us see a bit beyond the veil too and it was so moving and uplifting..and filled us with awe…but when he finally flew away…oh my such a hole was left…His spirit is still close and I believe always will be.. Thank you sis for your sensitive and inspiring words… HUGS you

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      • DzinWiz Babii says:

        An everlasting love, my dearest – I know Gino left a part of himself in so many hearts and do truly believe his spirit will always be with you ((hugs)).

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  8. I really believe this too… Diz…thank you for reaching out:)


  9. Beautiful words for such a beautiful soul. My interactions with Gino were light and fleeting, but even so, his voice and his manner hinted at the angel within. What a blessed passing and a beautiful tribute to a wonderful person. To exit so gently, attended with such love, and to leave a legacy of precious memories. We should all be so lucky.

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    • Thank you so much Odracir…your words are beautiful. Thank you for trying to help him prove he was real, in the end..I think angels rarely leave paper trails…so it’s no surprise you couldn’t do more, even though you really tried so hard to do it..I will always be grateful for all you did for him..and for your words here today.


  10. ronald174 says:

    I am sorry you lost your good friend. He was certainly part of your family. Your beautiful words honor him and the role he played in your life. There are no words I can use that can replace him. Your words said it all. We stand around you and try to create a circle of support for you-and tell you we are all here for you. Be at peace. Love-Tube

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    • Thank you so much Ron…your words are beautiful, full of love and understanding,,and I feel your noble heart very close to me. Thank you for your special way of being you…and being my friend:)


  11. Hoyt says:

    My Dear Karima…
    This is simply the most beautiful profound eulogy I’ve eve seen or heard. It brought tears to my eyes. I’m left without words.

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  12. rosedroprustcom says:

    When I feel pain in words as if as my own, we share only as poets can. This is one such time.

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    • Thank you Rosedrop for allowing my poetry to cry softly in your ear. Even though months rush by…I think we still feel each other on that poetic intuitive level..Thank you for that!! It’s rare and most welcomed.


  13. Karima, your sense and sensibility regarding the arts are like wings of a butterfly… beauty in flight.

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  14. Ricardo Sexton says:

    So amazing indeed. 👏🏼 Thanks for sharing this 👍🏼

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