Fluid Reality

Hi everyone,

I invite you to watch and listen to this little video poem I made about all that we have been through recently…but in a more metaphysical way. I hope you will watch it and enjoy. I made subtitles in Español for my friends and family in Costa Rica and all who use them.

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6 Responses to Fluid Reality

  1. Karima, a much needed poem for these trying times… you’ve graced us with the beauty of poetry as it should be. It touches deep within the vastness of our hearts and souls. It is divinely beautiful. Peace and light.

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  2. hoyt says:

    Many of this great poet Karima’s work is about change. That it occurs, and always will. Also the fact that there is always an element of positivity two her works. Y tambien, puedo practicar espanol. Como siempre muchisimas gracias Karima.

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