Statue in the Entryway

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I don’t remember the exact moment I stopped living
I mean
I was still breathing…just not really alive.

My spinal chord took over for my brain
so I could still walk, eat, swallow blink.

My color was good, my blood pressure just fine,
but somehow, I was not who I used to be inside.

Has that ever happened to you?

I can still ponder but not act out my conclusions.
I still can respond to general mundanity, but I forget my answers.

I know who everyone is, sharp as a tack pounded into the carpet,
but I am not as interested as I was before… and my head hurts.

Nature holds my attention for long periods of time;
the changing sky, the darting birds, seem to mesmerize me.

Has that ever happened to you?

It occurs to me I might be approaching some finality,
although it does seem one could go on forever this way.

I slip through my friends contact lists so they forget to call me.
I slide down out of sight, so although visible, no one seems to see me.

I am thinking this could be progressive and what that actually could mean…
Will I wind up a statue in the entryway, who gets dusted twice a month?
Will I turn into a painting of dull pastels that no one likes to contemplate?
Or will I be a once beloved photograph fallen to the floor of the attic?
In any case, it all seems beyond my control, so I just watch and wait…

Has that ever happened to you?

Karima Hoisan
June 1, 2020
Costa Rica

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7 Responses to Statue in the Entryway

  1. daleinnis says:

    Owch, very close to home!

    Some days being that statue in the entry way seems like a very attractive prospect.

    Excellent and true, as ever.

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  2. Karima, one of your more instilling pennings. I particularly like:

    “Nature holds my attention for long periods of time;
the changing sky, the darting birds, seem to mesmerize me.”
    You’re an exceptionally gifted writer, a trail blazer, an exacting writer!

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    • Lance, thank you for continuing to read my poetry..Your comments, mean a lot to me, as you know, because I admire your own pennings so much:) It’s true that Nature has always been a salve, and I am lucky to be surrounded by it in every direction. Your comment. once again inspires me to be more prolific….more communicative…even take more chances:)

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      • Karima, it is an honorable pleasure to your special brand of poetry. And, taking chances is a good thing- it helps us to grow as poets! Thank you for your uplifting thoughts- they do uplift. I wish you the absolute best.

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  3. DzinWiz Babii says:

    You nailed something in this flow that at one time I felt intimately; it’s like you ‘lifted’ something out of my experience, yet your words uniquely and descriptively brought it out of the shadows. I truly love how your empathy for the human experience reveals our inner souls and our struggles in such a striking and beautiful way – through your poetic flow. It’s truly a gift and I am forever grateful that you share that gift with all of us ((hugs)).

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    • Awww sissy, thank you for this intimate comment and shared feelings. Awww you just gave me tears, you make me feel like a real poet, when I begin to doubt myself at times:) Thank you sis for always feeling my words, and for being so inspirationally articulate when describing how you feel them. That’s why you are my sissy-poo for almost 13 years now! Big hugs to you…


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