Two Raven Poems from The Past


Drawing by Gino 2007

Four and Twenty 

See two black birds fly…
fly away.
One flew first, might have landed North…
can’t say.
The other went West, no other choice … 
that fateful day.
No flocks enjoined them “Fly with Me” …
lost their way.

All the little boys with slingshots in their hands…
stormy day,
remembered seeing the sleek one change her course…
get away.
The true- pierced ebony comet fell…
upon the way, 
sprinkled with drizzle, lying still and numb…
nothing to say. 

No more observing black birds wing to wing…
perfect synchronization
Nor watching them twist and turn as one… 
inspired imagination.
Who noticed, that Someone took to counting them?..
Pre-destined calculation.
Then packed one in a pie with a broken heart…
Ate of her sweet annihilation.

Raven Heart 

You ask, “What can I do for you?”
You are a love of sorts,
and your eyes shine with desire.
What if I answer you
candidly, sincere,
would that love force
in your eyes 
that glows for me 
soon tire?

Please go find the one
who used to glide beside me.
Tell her what her lonely
raven- heart aspires.
If you are still of a mind
to stick it out with me,
then copy her every nuance,
learn the magic,
she inspires.

Once we were two graceful birds
black as night.
We opened up our souls
lighter than air in flight.
How we dared to
and we did
reach something higher.

If you have ready answers
For each why of mine,
I’m challenging the wind alone,
so now’s the time.
I almost fold these sad cloth wings
in final submission 
to all life brings,
and in your arms
that ache for me,
I will consent
to let myself expire.

 Karima Hoisan
Jordan 2006

*Originally published in Gliding Beauty 2007

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8 Responses to Two Raven Poems from The Past

  1. daleinnis says:

    Ohh, dark and deep! And lovely, as always. The deep parts of the soul, where sorrow and love and joy all come together…

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    • Oh yes Dale.. when one falls from those heights, one falls deep and buried… Poetry is the shovel that can release them… if they are lucky:) Thank you for your comment and your empathy to this one:)


  2. Karima, the shadows crept as you dipped your sorcerer’s pen into the realm of the forgotten. Exquisitely dark as a dungeon where thoughts hide in the crevices of the mind. Brilliant work!

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    • Thank you Lance.. I admit that I too do enjoy slipping into those dark nostalgic realms now and then. Lost love is like a shield against new love, even if you don’t realize it. You hold it up against your chest, so nothing else can penetrate and hurt you. I was lucky enough to have a raven heart once in my life…Twice is just…well… I think not very possible.:)

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      • It is always a wonderful pleasure, Karima. The dark can be a very secure place, much as a shield to protect the heart. You were very fortunate to have it at least once. Perhaps, somehow, it’s passed onto another who’s hurting for the first time. May there always be peace and light in your life.

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  3. Hoyt says:

    This robed bird in Jordan is familiar to me. I love the story of you two. And how you were with her when she flew away. Also I prized how you wove the two pieces along with Gino’s design together.

    Liked by 1 person

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