The Summer of 2020

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The will of it, the will and the way
Earth turns and summer is reborn one more time
so many times in one lifetime
Just this time, we are invited by the billboards
by our cellphones and TV to watch it unfold
at our gates and through our windows
Just Stay Home!

This summer we don’t do much
We are scattered shells on empty beaches
We stay apart and shield our faces
No swimming yet, no traveling yet
No backgammon games with the neighbors
We wave over fences, we pull our lawns out and plant vegetables
Small gardens, organic of course, and we hope no one will tread
upon the little seedlings, and knock on our doors.
”Be respectful, this might be all we get to eat!
“Are they really coming here? Why here?”
“Just leave the groceries on the step outside
I left a tip under the mat”
No visitors no back yard BBQ’s or block party beer fests
No tango classes or even school classes
no high school, no college, no mixing
What are your plans this summer?
To not get sick or die or infect a bunch of innocents
with my invisible murder hornets, that fly out
from every word I speak, when I sing, when I sneeze

We are all trying not to get sick
Those are our plans for this summer
Not get sick or sicken anyone else
The summer of 2020

When our masks become the everyday look.
Everyone looks normal with their faces covered up
And oh how chic she is wearing a shield
The kind that you put on like glasses how easy and practical
and people have conversations 6 feet apart about which ones are the best
the cheapest the easiest to find
and if we spy someone barefaced, we wide side-step them,
or cross the street, throw a frown, or even a fit
and ask them to leave our coffee shop, our vegetable stands, our taxis
Sickness blows around us, through the streets in little tiny particles
clogging up our tears ducts even smaller particles ravaging our lungs
Our families, leaving us hopeless
Macro-micro invaders
Dust and microscopic platoons spreading out and waiting
for us to bare-handedly touch them, or suck on our fingers idly
without washing first, inhale them while laughing
walk into the wrong place at the wrong time and get pepper sprayed
by these wily troops whose only mission is
To seek, Get inside and Destroy!
These hoards that multiply by the nano-second
We don’t perceive them with our senses
and in this record breaking heat
It’s hard to feel anything but cranky

How easy it would be to give up in the summer of 2020
Only see the negative that begins to warp our sanity
But while there’s love and music and poetry and children
who believe in magic and grown-ups and next year
I fasten my mask around my ears and take a walk
Where I see the most glorious rainbow arching high above me…

Karima Hoisan
July 3, 2020
Costa Rica

En Español

La voluntad de ella … la voluntad y el camino
La tierra gira y el verano renace una vez más
tantas veces en una vida
Justo esta vez, nos invitan las vallas publicitarias
por nuestros teléfonos celulares y TV para ver cómo se desarrolla
a nuestras puertas y a través de nuestras ventanas
Solo Quédate en Casa!

Este verano no hacemos mucho
Somos conchas dispersas en playas vacías
Nos mantenemos separados y protegemos nuestras caras
Sin nadar todavía, sin viajar todavía
No hay juegos de backgammon con los vecinos.
Saludamos por las cercas, sacamos el césped y sembramos vegetales
Pequeños jardines, orgánicos, por supuesto, y esperamos que nadie pise
sobre las pequeñas plántulas, y toca nuestras puertas.
“Sea respetuoso, ¡esto podría ser todo lo que podamos comer!
“¿Realmente vienen aquí? ¿Por qué aquí?”
“Solo deja los comestibles en la grada afuera
Dejé una propina debajo de la alfombra de bienvenida”
No hay visitantes, no hay barbacoas en el patio trasero ni fiestas de cerveza
No hay clases de tango o incluso clases escolares.
sin escuela secundaria, sin universidad, sin mezclarse
¿Cuáles son tus planes para este verano?
No enfermarse, morir o infectar a un grupo de inocentes.
con mis avispones invisibles de asesinato, que vuelan
por cada palabra que digo, cuando canto, cuando estornudo

Todos estamos tratando de no enfermarnos
Esos son nuestros planes para este verano.
No enfermarse ni enfermar a nadie más.
El verano de 2020

Cuando nuestras máscaras se convierten en el look cotidiano.
Todos se ven normales con sus caras cubiertas
Y oh, qué elegante está usando un escudo
Del tipo que te pones como gafas, fácil y práctico.
y las personas tienen conversaciones a 6 pies de distancia sobre cuáles son las mejores
el más barato el más fácil de encontrar
y si espiamos a alguien con la cara descubierta, los esquivamos
o cruzar la calle, fruncir el ceño o incluso un ataque verbal
y pedirles que salgan de nuestra cafetería, nuestros puestos de verduras, nuestros taxis
La enfermedad sopla a nuestro alrededor, a través de las calles en pequeñas partículas
obstruyendo nuestros conductos de lágrimas, incluso partículas más pequeñas que devastan nuestros pulmones
Nuestras familias, dejándonos sin esperanza.
Macro-micro invasores
Polvo y pelotones microscópicos extendiéndose y esperando
para que podamos tocarlos con las manos desnudas, o chupar nuestros dedos sin pensar, sin lavarlos primero, inhalarlos mientras se ríe
entrar al lugar equivocado en el momento equivocado y rociarse con pimienta
por estas astutas tropas cuya única misión es
Buscar, Entrar y Destruir!
Estas acumulaciones que se multiplican por el nano-segundo
No los percibimos con nuestros sentidos.
y en este récord rompiendo el calor
Es difícil sentir otra cosa que mal humor

Qué fácil sería rendirse en el verano de 2020
Solo vemos lo negativo que comienza a deformar nuestra cordura
Pero mientras haya amor, música, poesía y niños.
que creen en la magia y los adultos y el año que viene
Me pongo la máscara alrededor de las orejas y salgo a caminar
Donde veo el arcoíris más glorioso arqueándose por encima de mí


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11 Responses to The Summer of 2020

  1. daleinnis says:

    Thank you for this! I’ve certainly been feeling bleak myself in this Summer of 2020. And surrounded by the invisible murder hornets. The reminder of love, and music, and poetry, and children, is more than welcome. Insightfully written and evocatively worded!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Dale, your generosity to take the time and leave me this comment, is another reason to stick around and to keep writing in this Summer of 2020. Sometimes I feel I am reciting to the choir..who has disbanded:) Much appreciated!


  2. You are a mystic. The rainbow is waiting just, for us to show, whoever can wait.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Karima, your beautiful words paint the most exquisite of landscapes for your readers that is unique and unequaled. It is a virtual symphony of thought and words. It offers hope and guidance to your followers in a time of darkness and uncertainty. Thank you for your untiring efforts!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Lance for this comment. I have touched on what is happening in the world now just twice..I find it still even for me ( a poet!) hard to find the words,,so both of these poems, The Pandemic of 2020 and The Summer of 2020 are sort of rambling loose free flow, born from so many mixed feelings and images, it’s hard to define, but in the end, I have to convey hope, because I still cling to that. What are we but lost or dead without it?
      There is just too much happening simultaneously in the world, for our limited nervous systems to even process, and yet I feel hope that humanity can turn it around.. I am the eternal romantic as you might have guessed:):) By the way, you might enjoy this one, I wrote before the Summer of 2020.. I am pretty much counting on your ability to know what I am saying:) I am ever grateful for your comments Lance.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Karima, loose free flow is so eloquent and knows no boundaries. You are so adept at this style… a virtuoso with its style and depth. Hope springs eternal in your writings!
        We’re all pulled down in the suction of adversity- certainly straining to keep afloat, to stay alive. Yes, I’ve noticed your romantic side. Be safe and well, my dear friend!


      • *And, it’s always a great pleasure to read your work!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Hoyt says:

    This thoroughly describes our summer! You have left no stone unturned Ruca! And I love the encouraging and inspiring ending. Luckily hope was also let out of Pandora’s Box. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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