Gino’s Butterfly Seen Thru Alba’s Eyes

I few days ago I received a message in facebook from a very well-known Virtual World Hypergridder, Alba Rocca, ( who visits  many worlds in Opensim) with her compliments for my world, “Gino’s Butterfly” on Kitely -Virtual Worlds on Demand. She included so many wonderful photos, I just want to share some with you all.
“Gino’s Butterfly,” for those who do not know the story, is a virtual world I built with scripting help by Dale Innis, to honor the memory of a dear friend and family member who passed away in January of this year, Gino. He was a very gifted fashion designer, and his drawings that were left behind, I decided to parade them virtually while I told the highlights of his story.
Thank you so much Alba, for visiting and for taking so many great pictures. It means a lot to me:) So, please enjoy the fruits of my labor of love, as seen through Alba’s eyes.  Enjoy!
If it looks interesting to you come visit… Hypergrid address:’s Butterfly and by url:
Let us know how you enjoyed it!

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4 Responses to Gino’s Butterfly Seen Thru Alba’s Eyes

  1. Many nice pictures, showing the heart and soul of Gino’s Butterfly.

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  2. I feel so privileged for the invite to experience this tour de force. A very delicate and emotional journey observing the chrysalis of an evolving soul. Karima, your interpretation awakens a deep understanding and yearning in me – and I am sure I speak for all of us. Words are inadequate.

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    • Thank you so much Suze for coming with me (it was my pleasure) and to leave this beautiful comment. As you saw, this was a labor of love for a wonderful person, who I should have honored in life, but sadly postponed that until it was too late..Still, I do feel he knows and approves and smiles down:) Big Hugs Suze…Your sensitive soul was beautifully on display that day. Big Hugs and thank you for coming and caring.


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