Between 4 & 5 am_Three Poetic Prose Vignettes


                                                    Photo Taken by Hoyt Heron

The bakers arrive and start the mixing and the lighting of the fire.
Soon the oven will bellow, as the dough is patted, stretched so round.
It will be fed on flat shovels to the hottest deepest roaring core.
Not too long, just enough for the browning to be done,
then a flip on to its other side and there they come.
Little pitas, hot to touch, delicious for the senses; they perfume
the entire room and wait for the first customers to snatch them up in plastic
 bags, a dozen at a time, while daylight glows behind the bakery…
 igniting the first rays of dawn.

≤≤≤_ ≥≥≥≤≤≤_ ≥≥≥≤≤≤_ ≥≥≥

A man and his son awaken with the fajar call to prayer.
It rumbles across the window frames, and makes them open
wide their eyes and listen, as it fills their ears and their dreams fade away.
They take turns in their ritual washing the cleansing and preparing
and in the chill of the early morning, they lay down their rugs
They say the words out loud, the father leads the son
as they repeat the ritual, for them, done 5 times a day,
done in heat and cold, done and synced as one, for every day of every year,
so naturally and spontaneously, an essential part of living…. like breathing

≤≤≤_ ≥≥≥≤≤≤_ ≥≥≥≤≤≤_ ≥≥≥

Across the sea in San Diego, people are gathering on the shore
The sun has yet to break the horizon, but that’s the perfect time
to light their little beacons attached now to their waists and in the foggy morning, against the grey suede sky, they slip into the water, and their lanterns bob and flicker as they push out in the waves..all the shimmering colors., like small boats afloat, a flotilla of long strokes, a human parade of swimmers, bound and tied together with just their love of ocean , their colors showing, each a lighthouse to the other, each a comfort when they raise their heads and see the colored lanterns riding high the waves, each tied to a swimmer’s waist… ahead and behind and to the sides.
And from the shore all you see, is a miraculous sea creature of glowing colors,
surfing the waves before dawn.

Karima Hoisan
September 17, 2020
Costa Rica


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12 Responses to Between 4 & 5 am_Three Poetic Prose Vignettes

  1. Mesmerising Karima…fragrant…loved it…the smell of the bread, the touch of the ocean waves. The glow of the lanterns. I could see the bread baking, feel the heat of the oven. A simple yet such a beautiful experience you’ve shard here. Guess, life’s real beauty lies in the simplest of things.

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    • Thank you so much Sundaram. Your comment could be another line:) Yes, when I saw this picture I thought, and how many things are people doing in the hours before dawn, that we never even think about.. or have no idea that they the early morning swimmers….?
      I am so glad you enjoyed these simple vignettes:) Salaam!


      • Correct. In the mountains, I’ve seen farmers start off to far off farms, carrying torches, and boys running in naked darkness to prepare for army tests. You remind me things that remain on the periphery of memory otherwise. Have a great day, ahead. 🍀🍀🎼🎼

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  2. You made me see your beautiful scene immediately Sundaram! Thank you for your generosity to comment so sincerely from your heart. ❤️


  3. daleinnis says:

    Ah this is excellent! Such images. All the little common things that people do together. And the light of the dawn and the feeling of the early morning, linking each human group with all of the other ones. How beautiful we are!

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  4. Hoyt says:

    This is so brilliant Ruca. I’m shaking my head at your ability to reach up, and pull out of thin air, the words to describe perfectly these early mornings affairs throughout the world. I’m truly in awe. Shaking my head in amazement as I sign off!

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    • Thank you so much Hoyt and none of this thread would have even been started in my head, if you had not sent me this picture and described their pre dawn ritual.. I should have included a man who rises in the dark and grabs a drink and his cellphone, puts on his running shoes..and there he goes along the beach, along a highway, along a desert road, before the light cracks openthe day . Sound familiar??:)


      • Hoyt says:

        You did it again even in your reply! A painter with words. You have beautiful portraits you’ve painted with words everywhere. No stone unturned with your writing. And yes, I’ve come across that character you speak of in your reply.🤣

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  5. Shanyu says:

    Now that is beautiful. One of the best images so far. There is this eloquent emotional balance to each of the verse. I love how you use a narrative to let it out. You’ve certainly outdone yourself with this poem. Outstanding.

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    • Oh Shanyu, such a wonderful comment you left for me to find:) I am thrilled you have shown your enjoyment for these little poetic vignettes..This for me , was rather experimental, and I was not even sure that people would enjoy my style, but your comment assures me that you did and that makes me smile:) Thank you for generously taking the time to let me know.


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