A Net Full of Eels

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A Net Full of Eels
For Hoyt

Slippery eels sliding
through the net holes
the mesh,
somewhat large,
it can’t contain them all.
how they eye the water world
of survival far below.
With all their strength and agility,
they wriggle out of certain death,
in their quest to live,
they choose the desperate fall.

Many upon many cascade
in painful belly flops.
They beat the water
with their blackened forms.
Some gracefully,
like rigid,
high-dive athletes,
push through head first,
puncture the ocean surface clean
breaking every written
record, barrier – norm.

It is so painful
to watch their struggle end.
I root for all of them
to make it through.
But, some have succumbed

to being out too long.
The sun is hot,
the distant drop
into their element, the water,
would be an agonizing death
if not done soon.

I am more amazed
than repulsed
by what I see,
for their slithering,
brings out
primal anxiety,
and makes me shake.
Still, a small compassion
rooted deep inside of me,
stirs, as on the docks
they start to fade and bake.

“Oh Allah bless the fortunate
who never knew the net.”
“Bless those, who grew in strength,
and made it safely home.”
“Bless the ones caught up,
who never could escape “

Karima Hoisan
July 9, 2007
Costa Rica

(En Español)

Una Red llena de Anguilas
Para Hoyt

Anguilas resbaladizas deslizándose
a través de los agujeros de la red
la malla,
algo grande,
no puede contenerlos a todos.
cómo miran el mundo del agua
de supervivencia muy por debajo.
Con toda su fuerza y agilidad,
se escabullen de una muerte segura,
en su afán por vivir,
eligen la caída desesperada.

Muchos sobre muchos cascadas
en dolorosos desplomes del vientre.
Batieron el agua
con sus formas ennegrecidas.
Algunos con gracia
como rígido,
atletas de alto buceo,
empujar a través de la cabeza primero,
perforar la superficie del océano limpia
rompiendo cada escrito
registro, barrera – norma.

Es tan doloroso
para ver el final de su lucha.
Yo apoyo a todos ellos
para lograrlo.
Pero algunos han sucumbido
a estar fuera demasiado tiempo.
El sol está caliente
la caída distante
en su elemento, el agua,
sería una muerte agonizante
si no se hace pronto.

Estoy mas asombrada
que repugnada
por lo que veo,
por su deslizamiento,
lleva a cabo
ansiedad primaria,
y me hace temblar.
Aún así, una pequeña compasión
arraigado en lo profundo de mí,
se agita, como en los muelles
comienzan a desvanecerse y hornearse.

“Oh, Allah bendiga a los afortunados
que nunca conocía la red “.
“Bendice a los que crecieron en fuerza,
y regresaron sano y salvo a casa “.
“Benditos los atrapados,
que nunca pudieron escapar “

Karima Hoisan
9 de Julio de 2007
Costa Rica

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25 Responses to A Net Full of Eels

  1. An older one from 2007 first posted here in 2011 with this remark:
    Eels totally” creep me out” but at one moment I had a change of heart and felt compassion for them, as I would for a fluffy bunny rabbit. This one is dear to my heart because of that. Re-requested by Hoyt:)

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  2. Sabiscuit says:

    This is scary … because I had a chargrilled eel over rice takeout ( for dinny ) three hours ago. Alive, they’ll have me running away screaming. But the flesh is soft and tasty. What can I say? I am complex. 🥰😘

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  3. I eat eel too lol, as long as it is not wiggling on my plate, it’s ok and yes, poor things are delicious!
    and yes…smiles, you Are complex:)😎

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  4. Loveblossom says:


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  5. You did not mis- understand..:) I am a hypocrite in that respect, I guess😏 I do eat eel… but let it be known, this eel poem was not an on-site observation, rather a vision I had that probably has little to do with the reality of eel catching..still it also represented to me, something more than eels.. when I read the finished poem..

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  6. Msdedeng says:

    They are slippery and not easy on the eye, but so delicious in sushi 🙂

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  7. Loved Your outlook toward these creatures… great read

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  8. Sighs…in the end that is the main setback:) I have failed too. but I have tried for periods of 6 months..then back to my old ways:(

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  9. This is full of a wonder that requires overcoming evaluations. It also reminds me of similar movements involved with consciousness. And of many dreams. Thank you for bringing this out! 👏👏👏

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    • Well thank you for taking a deep peek into my poem..I always love to hear if people related to something, even about slithering eels, in my poems..I know some or most are not “easy to love” but if it sparked some hidden thoughts or dreams in you, I am very pleased you let me know. Your writing is also not what I would call traditional, and it is that offbeat way you see the world,is what makes your blog not only exciting, but alluring.

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  10. Joel Abakah says:

    This is like wanting to escape a predicament or a chronic state of emotional entrapment. It can be so hard to flee from what cages you. Especially in attaining a freedom of expression or simply to feel at peace. We just have to push to make it through

    That’s just how I relate to the poem though 💚

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    • Yes Joel, it is an example of this..and luckily some do find the way, and they are so very lucky, and they know it! The ones who never get caught up, are lucky too, but they don’t know it..and the ones who couldn’t get out of the bad situation they were in, are the most tragic.. Your comment is spot on!! Thank you.

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  11. Hoyt says:

    Always one of my favorites! There are many writings of liberation, but none through the eyes of one watching eels. The first time I’ve ever cheered for an eel. And truly…”bless the fortunate that never knew the net.”

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  12. Pure sensitivity ❤️🙏 Thank you.


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