Hope is a Butterfly

Painting Hope- Rachel Steely

Painting Hope by Rachel Steely

Hope is a butterfly
that flies inside.
between our panic
and our euphoria,

it circles our heart,
soars high in the middle,
and stays part of us,
while it wings and glides.

We know if it gets lost,
in too much past thinking
or future soothsaying;
It will be so hard to rescue,
so hard to find and pull it back,
if we really lose it altogether.

What are we without hope?
What is hope without us?
If we set it adrift to float aimlessly,
it gets dashed upon the rocky shores
and that’s it; it’s shattered, tattered, lost.
It can be just a thought away,
but even that seems too far,
and we grow tired and unbelieving.

My butterfly,
I want to clothe you
and keep you safe,
decorate you in my finest
air- thin velvet
and weightless pearls of wisdom.
Remember that hope,
can be stronger than oak beams
and I can make my plans come true…
with you.
Or I can shatter in disappointment,
because I forgot you can be as fragile
as blown glass; and in the end,
keeping you safe,
is partly up to me.

How many times, in my lifetime
did I think I had lost you forever?
You were just some tail-lights receding,
the surf behind a boat forever leaving;
I could barely remember how it felt
to have you inside of me,
circling my heart, flying between,
the panic and the euphoria
always reminding me….
that the next day could be better.

Karima Hoisan
Nov. 15, 2020
Costa Rica

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27 Responses to Hope is a Butterfly

  1. Samreen Asad says:

    Such an amazing, beautiful piece of your beautiful mind Karima❤️ Indeed, hope keeps us alive no matter what the situation is, no matter how much we curse that very time but still somewhere we always adhere to this feeling inside us that the other day will be a new and better tomorrow. ❤️❤️😊
    I too have penned a poem on hope quite long time back, haven’t posted it yet. 🙂

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    • Habeebity Samreen…thank you for your generous comment..and please post your poem about Hope, so I may read it too:):) Yes, hope is mysterious, a force, that when we have it, makes us feel like we are ready for anything… anything is possible for us. When we lose it (temporarily,) we feel ill- equipped to face Life’s daily challenges. May it always reside in you and keep you hopeful dear! 🌸🌹 🌺💐🤗

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      • Samreen Asad says:

        Always my pleasure dearest Karima ❤️💚🤗 Surely, I will post it soon. 😊 Thank you so much dear, may it always stick to us to keep us alive. 🌻🌼🌸 Have a lovely week ahead Habeebity ❤️❤️

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  2. daleinnis says:

    This is lovely! A good and well expressed perspective on hope, and some phrases that I just love, like the panic and euphoria, and weightless pearls of wisdom. Thank you yet again for sharing this!

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  3. Diana says:

    Beautifully written, Karima dear! Very delicate and peaceful, just like a butterfly. Yes, hope is something I always hold on to, as well.. Be blessed.. And stay happy, my dear.💐❤️

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    • Thank you lovely poet, who knows well her hope and holds on to it tightly! I enjoy your comments so much.. and yes with hope in our hearts, happiness is always a possibility:)
      Something else I think you know well, Diana, is your very prolific muse. May she always encourage you as she has been doing:) 🙏🌺🌸❤️

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      • Diana says:

        Thank you for your very beautiful comment, dearest Karima! Our minds think same…. Hence our muse is also the same… May it continue to glow. Bless you dear.. 💐❤️💕💕

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  4. Jeff Flesch says:

    Wow, that is powerful, and lovely, Karima.
    “You were just some tail-lights receding,
    the surf behind a boat forever leaving;
    I could barely remember how it felt
    to have you inside of me” Amazing.❤️

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    • Ahh Jeff, you like my favorite lines too:) After I sign my name, my poem seems to have nothing more to do with me:) and so I just read it like everyone else..and oddly enough, it is after, that I too find my favorite lines..Just as if, I had nothing to do in the writing of them:) I am not sure if I have explained it well, but once signed, I read it, like any other poem, who might have a different author. This happens with my videos anf 3D Builds too:) Thank you so much for commenting and always inspiring me.

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  5. A beautiful poetry Karima 💐🙂

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  6. Thank you so much Shashank, your comment means a lot to me!

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  7. Hermoso y sabio. Me encantó. Gracias por compartir textos tan bellos y sabios.

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  8. Con mucho gusto Santiago,,, Gracias por visitar mi sitio y leer este poema sobre la esperanza!

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  9. Such a lovely and beautifully written. 😍😍

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  10. Words are so beautiful! Such a perfect piece of writing!

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  11. Hope is all we live for, hope is all we look for. There is a certain power and compassion in your poetry that I am so in love with. Love it

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    • Dear fatema, thank you for such an inspiring comment…and of course I agree with you, without hope, we are lost. Thank you too for telling me you love my poetry for its power and compassion..this means so much to me, you really have no idea.. as you know, I too enjoy reading you very much, your honesty, your unexpected phrases, your flow. I treasure your comment ❤️

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  12. Hoyt says:

    The most beautiful description of hope I’ve come across Ruca! Your words delicately danced across the proverbial page as softly as your butterfly. “Wings and glides.” “Fragile as blown glass.” “Surf behind a boat forever leaving.” As I’ve ruminated many times…How do you know how do do this!? Where does this come from!?

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    • Smiling at Hoyt..I have no idea where this comes from either..just some thoughts that keep nagging me until I begin to write them down..maybe it’s just the first line.. and then the rest pours out of a source that is nameless and boom..the poem is born:) For my part, I am just so glad that those poems, keep coming…mashallah may they never stop…. and Ruco, may you never stop reading them:)

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  13. asthaisha says:

    This is just waooo 😍❤️ love your blog ❣️


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