Nothing Left To Say


While my muse runs around the house in bathrobe and curlers,
I wonder when I will ever write another poem again?
It happens, so they say, after years of inspiration,  all of a sudden I find myself
with nothing left to say.

Between us poets, I think we have said everything, a few times over.
We have said our truths in so many different words and ways..
In so many tongues and styles, we scribble our verses and observations
and draw our conclusions… but by the end of the day, we have said it all and….
there’s nothing left to say.

Do you feel me redundant, a repeater of what I wrote last year, last month?
Are my poems, just babbling and dabbling trying to desperately connect to all the rest?
Have I lost my novelty, my edge, my thirst to touch you with relevance, in your own lives?
I wish to wake up from this sterile dream, that whispers so hopelessly in my ear,

“You have nothing left to say.

Nature, Love, the Meaning of Life and Death have all been recorded.
My blog has a running stream, of ten years of conjecture mixed with pure awe of Life.
My poetry has been flowing ceaseless and now it seems, it dribbles aimlessly…
My muse, can not care less, as she shuts herself behind a door that reads
“I have nothing left to say.”

Karima Hoisan
February 17, 2021
Costa Rica

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24 Responses to Nothing Left To Say

  1. Robin says:

    I’ve taken so many breaks for long periods of time, my last break was for over three months. It can be a good way to refresh our minds, find new inspiration. I do fear one day, too, I won’t find anything else to say. But, as you proved right here, even when we think we have nothing, there is still something.

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    • Thank you Robin for your great comment! You are right, I guess I wound up saying something after all;) I have been through these periods too..and even with a lethargic muse, I know, it’ still important to write.. After coming off a prolific period for years, this slowdown surprised me..but I agree with you, sometimes these breaks are very important and can “refresh our minds” as you say. I really appreciate your comment and also your visit to my blog..May we stay creative always..(or close to it:)🙏🌺🌟🌹

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  2. Are my poems, just babbling and dabbling trying to desperately connect to all the rest?

    Resoundingly ~ NO.


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  3. Diana says:

    No way, Habibti!!! I adore your poetry and please keep them coming! Your muse will be alive forever , and trust me, you always lend hope with your words. Stay blessed my dear. Much love and hugs to you. ❤️❤️🤗🤗💐🙏🌹🎁💞

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    • Hugs to you sweet soul whose words just now, give me hope too:) This poem, as you see, is slightly in fun, but also holds a truth…when the flow doesn’t come non-stop, we get a bit worried, like an oil well running dry..”Oh boy,, is that it for me?” Thank you for this loving reassurance… dear Diana ! 🙏❤️🤗🌺🌟🌹


  4. daleinnis says:

    Ha and phht! 🙂 You even have more to say about the feeling of having nothing more to say!

    Honestly, though, I think it’s something that anyone who does creative stuff goes through (and you’re definitely one of those!). The subjects may be eternal, but your thoughts on them, and the words that you frame those thoughts in, are still fresh.

    Accept the feelings of staleness and burnout as natural, as we Zen types would say, love them and let them go, and even they will turn out to be sources of creativity. As they were here! In a lovely little poem about having no poems. 🙂

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    • Smiles..busted by Dale..I guess I do write these every couple years eg: “When I Used To Be A Poet” Sometimes that’s all that’s needed is to express that nagging fear..that I have run out of steam. Because we just finished such a big and (thank god) well -loved virtual world project , is maybe why I am feeling this overall let down. Anyway…thank you for not letting me take myself too seriously:):)

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  5. Msdedeng says:

    I find you can’t fake poetry; like you say, it’s either inspiration or nothing. Lol

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  6. Being honest, I dont think it’s your muse in bathrobe and curlers, that has nothing left to say. It’s the wizard. When a project comes to it’s end and it worked out so well. Here we say “mir fällt ein Stein vom Herzen” which means something like It takes a load off my mind. And the Wizard wasn’t only a stone (Stein) it’s a mountain, so to say:)
    After all the euphoria, there is a certain emptiness that needs to be filled …
    Not today or tomorrow but maybe next week or month, your muse will take off bathrobe and remove the curlers from hair and and shine in new splendor, with new crazy ideas and glittering thoughts about the world, life and everything else, I promise:)

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    • Awwww Nat,,thank you for this…I too was starting to see it was part of the process, when a big creative project comes to an end, and we are left with something like “post partum blues” We have felt this after almost every movie we finished…When we are driven in some big project, that takes months, and we go into that obsessed mode,(which is a big glorious high in itself) to finish it.. the let down after… is big too. Ironically, I was talking to DB after he toured the Wizard and he said…
      “We all know the best part is not finishing something, it’s creating it” and so…that let down is inevitable..He is right of course.. You are right of course…Big Hugs Nat…ans maybe we can think of a project that needs some creative finishing too *winks:).

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  7. Jeff Flesch says:

    Your poetry is as gorgeous as always. From the first day, I happened upon your site, to this very day. I love your poetry, and will always. This piece is a lovely example. You’ve captured a reality for anyone who writes regularly. I too find myself in these spots, and then, after some time, oh, an insight!! Then, the flow… Love and light to you, Karima.❤❤🙏🙏

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    • Yes, I think we all go through these periods for many different reasons, but as you insight comes..and we are back in the flow …I love that! and I know it’s true:) Thank you Jeff for always being so supportive and positive with your fellow writers..and with me..especially:):)🙏🌺❤️🌼🤗

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  8. A very deep and thoughtful post! Something every writer can understand. I think it all has been said, for sure. I like to think we can come up with fresh and new ideas but everything must come from another place and another idea. And yet what makes it fresh is our perspective, our soul. Nobody will say something exactly like you’ve said it. They might have the words, but nobody has your heart. Great work, Karima. I think you’ll have lots left to say!

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    • Hi Benjamin…good to read your comment and yes as poets and unique human beings, none of us will write the same poem…in the same way..It’s true! I think when we are a little down, energy -wise maybe all of us have felt those ebbs where we wonder if we have something more we would like to say… and can hardly believe we do…and yet..we do have and we start up again.. Thank you for your encouraging final words and as we say, InshAllah I will keep saying them too:):) You too..Hope you are riding a creative wave at the moment! Thank you!

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      • Yes, when we’re down on energy we might lose track of the true and good. And, “ebbs and flows”: that is the way of the universe, but we always come back to wonderful highs instead of lows, I think. And thanks for all your kind words and blessings. I wish you the same!

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  9. Samreen Asad says:

    Habeebity, you and your poetry is always a ray of hope, light and freshness to everyone, it can never babble or dabble, never ever❤️❤️❤️ I loveeee them very much, and always will🤗🤗🤗 It really happens many a times when you want to write intentionally and words just don’t come up😊
    Keep writing, keep inspiring is all🥰🌺✨🥰

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    • Habeebity! Aww thank you for your vote of confidence about my poetry..Gives you a big big hug for that UmAnzar!!🤗 It was a moment…I am sure you also have had these..where you begin to doubt that you have anything left to give in your poetry,,,I was feeling that very strongly and yet…the next day, I wrote a poem about my cat..soo…smiles big…we never know. when something might grab us and we feel we “need” to write about it. Writing is such a mystery…to begin with..our inspirations come…even when we doubt they will..
      I will keep writing inshallah…and you too..You always have some beautiful and real to share and make us ponder…❤️❤️❤️🌹✨ Allah Hafiz! Allah Ma3k!


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