If These Walls Could Talk…

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          Photo by Poett

If These Walls Could Talk

Someone once said, ”If these walls could talk…!”
They would write a trillion one- act plays,
each one set
in its own time and space..
with its unique characters method acting every line..

How we planned and laughed and invented meetings just to be together!
How we mourned the ones who passed, honored the old and sang songs and loved;
With our hands in the air gesturing wildly,  we relived that soccer game we just won,
We shared art, stories, tragedies, and why we’d be close forever, never to be forgotten.

The table strewn in tea cups and coffee mugs. and plates of FOOD we passed around;
we were a Latin episode of “Friends” that you will never see,
but we were the best of them..
and this was our room,
this is where we made the magic and we were family!

In the morning it fills with the light of the East..
the formal colors come alive
in orange, yellow and indigo madness.
Any bad vibes that might have snuck in at night,
are purged and cleansed by this persistent sunlight,
painting the floors and tables, in two coats of COLOR.

This living room is once again, ready to receive you.
I promise you will fall right into a couch and decide to never leave.
It’s the best host, the warmest receiver, the comfortable friend you have known for years..
This living room has its own spirit; it has had it forever…and I take no credit for that.
I just threw in some furniture, a long time ago… and then it came alive.

Karima Hoisan
March 13, 2021
Costa Rica

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20 Responses to If These Walls Could Talk…

  1. daleinnis says:

    That is an amazing room! It looks just as your words say.

    (But how do you not have piles and books and magazines and random tableware? 🙂 Somehow I’ve never lived in a house without that.)

    Lovely verse about a lovely place.

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    • Thanks Dale…well I would never describe myself as a minimalist hehe but Probably, good thing you and I don’t live together haha I would be fussing at your books and tableware and trying to find where I could put them…out of sight :):)

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  2. Jeff Flesch says:

    WOW! That is a gorgeous, gorgeous room! I absolutely adore how the sun shines through the colored glass. Magical. Amazing, Karima. And, your poem is just as beautiful. ❤️🌺🙏😊☀️

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  3. WOW! What a beautiful space, Karima!


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  4. Is that a room in your house, Karima! Oh wow!!
    Wish I could visit, have a cup of coffee, and talk about stories, poems, and life. One look at it brightened up my Sunday. But of course, you and your words deserved no less. Loved it, especially the reference to friends, “a Latin episode of “Friends” that you will never see.” Brings back a nostalgic joy. :)) Happy Sunday.

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    • Thank you dear Sundaram and yes…it is in my house..and you are welcome to come for coffee anytime Ahlan wa sahlan:):) I am glad you enjoyed the poem too..Since my sister took this photo (like a week ago) I have been waiting for the words to try to touch what a treasure box this room is for me..for the moments shared here with people I loved and love. It really has a good feel and everyone gets comfortable in the first 3 minutes :):) Happy Sunday Sundaram❤️

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  5. Inshallah it will come to you Sundaram! 🙏🌴


  6. Diana says:

    Oh wow!! Karima, THAT is one beautiful space. I’m already inspired!!! 😂😂. I can write endless poetry in that room for sure! If I ever visit Costa Rica, I will let you know 😉❤️😊😊. Stay blessed dear and keep these stunning pictures coming! Along with your beautiful poetry too❤️❤️😍🌹🙏💖💖🤗🤗🤗

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    • Thank you habeebity…It is a great place to write..especially in the morning hours.. If you ever visit Costa Rica..ahlan wa sahlan..you are welcome in my home.. I don’t usually post photos, but the two I did .that inspired poems, were taken by Poet, my sister. The other was the black horse on the beach, “At The Beach” Thank you always for your generous comments. Keep inspired inshallah!🙏❤️🤗🌴✨🌸

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  7. What a beautiful picture and beautiful words! You make your work feel very personal and yet very relatable. That’s a hard thing to do. Fantastic!

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    • Thank you Benjamin…This was a very personal piece…I rarely ever or never post pictures of my house..but..this room represents more than a nice design..it represents years of friendship and continuity..love of getting together and in 2020..that rarely happened…Hoping we can all pick up where we left off, and fill the room with warmth, laughter and true friendship and love of family sometime this year! 🙏

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      • It’s beautifully designed. My envious and jealous haha. But truly it looks nice. You have great tastes, and hopefully things will go back to normal soon enough. More laughs and community sounds good!

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  8. Karima, your living room I think is one of those magical places that from the first moment you enter it, it says: Come in! Your’e at home!
    And from the first minute feeling comfortable.
    Reminds me of my grandma’s eat-in kitchen. Totally different look, because of kitchen:) but most of the time there were ppl talking, laughing and cooking and baking or just came in for a coffee.

    Every piece of furniture and every wall diffuses the atmosphere of past comfort in anticipation of more new and old stories, birthday parties, obsequies, laughing children,singing, endless discussions, playing games, or simply a cup of coffee and having a good time.

    I love the picture and the room itself

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    • Wow thanks Nat, what an incredible comment..and I can picture your grandma’s kitchen too, full of love and food and of course coffee! and warmth. Thank you so much Nat..yes this room has seen it all..and hopefully soon..will see much more..It still has a lot to offer..Big hugs and loved your comment!

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