Dark, Fluff & Snug

Dark, fluff and snug are impressions in my memory.

Squished so tight, but all safe when the wild wind blows.
All the different songs, near and far; I wonder which one I will sing?
That fluffy weight above us, is a stopper for the raindrops;
It’s a warm shifting bulk, that keeps us from the sunlight.

This is my life, I’m sure there is not much more to it.
I am not alone, but in some ways I am totally on my own.
My head pushed down, I sleep in the essence of dirt and twigs,
the sounds of night, make me anxious for the new day’s light.

Then it happens, no longer blocked, I am starving, so I push up.
I stretch my neck as high as the sky above, we all outdo each other.
The morning bathes us as we open our mouths like choirboys, “Me! Me! Me!:
The heavy one is back, with worms for each; mine goes down just perfectly.

Please Click here to see:)

Karima Hoisan
March 29, 2021
Costa Rica

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29 Responses to Dark, Fluff & Snug

  1. daleinnis says:

    That’s amazing. You’ve definitely been experiencing some small nearby minds. 🙂 It never occurred to me just what that would be like, but now that you’ve described it, I feel like that’s exactly it; the dark, the weight, the smells… So good!

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  2. Msdedeng says:

    Deep, deep!

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  3. Well, no sophisticated words of praise, here, just; Awwww! (:

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  4. KK says:

    Beautiful and profound!

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  5. Hoyt says:

    I have never spent so much time lately observing birds. This because of you. I love all the different ways you see them.

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  6. Diana says:

    How beautifully you have captured what it must be like for a bird. And how they feel. I used to think about it too.. How patiently a parent bird sits for hours to protect their eggs and then the way they feed their newborn. Lots of lessons can be learned just by bird- watching! Stay blessed Habibti! Lots of love and hugs to you!! ❤️❤️🤗😍🙏💖🌹🎁

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    • Aww thank you habeebity…yes so many parallels to our own lives…and when we leave the nest we eventually become the caregivers:) and life goes on and on…So glad you enjoyed my thought..I really loved your comment…Be blessed, Be with birds:) Big Hugs 🤗🙏❤️🌺🌟🌈

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  7. Jeff Flesch says:

    Wow, THAT, is beautiful, inspiring, and absolutely wonderful, Karima. I adore the poem and the accompanying pic, and the connection you are pointing to here. We are ALL connected. Beautiful, my friend!! ❤🌞🙏🌹😊🍂

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    • Awww Jeff thanks so much, so glad you liked this quirky thought-flow. I knew I wanted to try to write this days ago, but like all poems, the words come when they want to. Right now, in my backyard there is nest building, brooding, hatching, raising going on.. Every now and then. a mom will bring a fledging, with ruffled feathers to my feeder (a two-meter board with bananas and pieces of papaya on it, and feed him here. It’s as she is saying..”OK I will feed you one last time, but after this…you’re on your own…here’s a good fruit source…so Good Luck” I always love your comments, and yes I too love the inter-conectedness of all of Nature…human beings included:):)🙏❤️🌟🌺🌸🤗

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  8. Carol Congalton says:

    So good! A very enjoyable read!

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  9. Beautiful. You like to get into the skin of the mute and give it voice. Express its feelings. Its joys and its troubles. Always exciting to read their thoughts via you Karima. I read it before seeing the link, and wondered what the poem was referring to. Then I clicked the link and all became clear. And I read it again, realizing it only takes the willingness to open a door, a window, to let in the breeze or the sunlight. It only takes a click. Mesmerizing as always, Karima. :))

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    • Sundaram! What a wonderful thought…”to give voice to the mute” You make me see, I do that at times..I never thought about it, or just chalked it off as having a very active imagination…This inspires me.. I would love to do that more.. Thank you for really giving me food for thought….We might be the last to understand how our poetry effects those who read it..It’s so nice,to see this refection, Sundaram, in your perfect words. 🙏

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  10. Raj SJ says:

    Nice post


  11. That really grabbed me: “All the different songs, near and far”. I had to read it a few times to get my bearings. I love the way you worded this all. It deserves multiple reads, I think. Fantastic; only you could write your poems! Love your creativity!

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  12. Beautifully expressed!💞🍂🍮🍂💓

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    • Ohhh, thank you so much…Can’t you just feel what that might be like? Every aspect of birds are so fascinating! I am lucky to live in a place that has such a variety all year long!:) 🙏🌹🐦


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