Big-Holed Sieve

fiona-art-1yt 2

For O

Each day passes right through without touching me,

Big-holed sieve … nothing of any value stays;

An entire starry evening,

goes straight down the drain.

What is the purpose of pouring,

Into the porous leftover of my life,

One more day?

Yet I know not how to leave you,

Certainly not how to make it right.

Repeated cliffs so high with your disdain

Block out all the sunlight.

Afternoon sulfuric rains

Maintain your kingdom dry and cruel;

It all continues to flow into me.

When I grab the air for anything,

I realize something was there…

Before it washed through me,

And was gone.

Karima Hoisan
August 17, 2007
Karak, Jordan.

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16 Responses to Big-Holed Sieve

  1. KK says:

    It’s old poem of yours, but the intensity in your words are the same. Poignant, but beautiful verses! I liked your reference to sulphuric rains, and also when you say, all continues to flow into me. I can feel the emotion in every word. So true and heart touching. One more gem from Karima. Stay blessed, my friend 😊💐🌈❤️

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    • Thank you so much Kaushal…yes it is an old one, but ironically, I still remember writing it, in the backseat of a car, traveling through the desert at night, the sky a billion stars, that just passed through me. Thank you so much my friend for feeling the emotion of the time..I am happy to say, I am in a much better situation 14 years later:) Alhamdulillah…I would not even know how to write such a hopeless poem today.🤗❤️🙏🌟

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      • KK says:

        It’s a sad poem, but not hopeless. I personally feel, Karima that if you can pour out your feelings in your verses, the purpose of writing a poem is served.

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    • Oh yes Kaushal, I agree with you..I have always said, my poetry has been a lifeline and it really has:) Thank you again🙏❤️🦋

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  2. It is so beautiful Karima 👏❤️🥰🌹👏❤️🥰🌹

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  3. daleinnis says:

    Ouch, powerful and sad. May we all be sieves fine enough that we hold things long enough to retain some flavor at least…

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  4. Ace says:

    “When I grab the air for anything,
    I realize something was there…
    Before it washed through me,
    And was gone.” – these are stunning lines. This whole piece is truly breathtaking. I could truly feel the deep emotion soaked into every word, that’s the work of a very talented writer!!!! I always appreciate how you share older poems, it’s so neat to read pieces of your journey! Another beautiful masterpiece, my beautiful friend! Keep shining 💫🖤🤗

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    • Thank you sweet Ace for this beautiful comment, and I am happy you chose those lines..As I said above, I actually remember where I was when this poem flowed out of me, and when I finished..I had a certainty I had just said what I wanted to..I know you know what I am talking about:) because that does not always happen. I literally saw this sieve of my life..letting everything wash away.. Thank you too for enjoying these older poems.ones I have not posted before,and some i have but 10 years ago. Thank you so much for your kind words and your appreciation of what I do..I also know you know…this is very mutual:) Be blessed and creative always dear Ace 🙏❤️🤗💐❣️🦋

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  5. Jeff Flesch says:

    A beautiful reflection of misery and love. Deep, raw, powerful, and poignant. A real gem, Karima. 🥰🙏💕🌺✨

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    • Thank you so much Jeff…Yes this was like a sad vignette of a movie that played many years ago..and no longer is being shown:) Thank you for feeling the emotion I was trying to many years ago. Your comments and deep perspective of my poems is cherished by me..❤️🤗🙏🌹🦋❣️

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  6. jonicaggiano says:

    It is hard not to feel the deep seeded pain, hurt and misery in this piece. Beautifully written my kind friend. Poetry has been a blessing for me since I was in about the fourth grade, I found an escape within the words even then. A way to pause, to ease the pain and stop my sadness if even for the time it took to put the words down. I believe that God often gives us our words because he knows how much we need them. Beautifully written dear sweet Karima. Love you, Joni

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  7. Thank you so much Joni, for your intuitive and very empathetic comment on this piece. This moment was one of the hardest in my life.. and like you, if I didn’t have my poetry (I started at 9 but when my dad died when I was12..I pretty much never stopped) I am not sure I would have gotten through this year. I so vibrate Joni,to what you say about poetry getting you through your hard younger years. I also love your conclusion..Poetry for me has always been a gift from God..and I cherish it and know that is is truly a gift of grace.. I am so grateful to have it with me..and always pray it never leaves:) Much love to you too, poetic soul..Karima❤️


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