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Way Too Bright…

Everyone tells me to stand up on my feet…My pale face and dark cloud spaceis bringing them down to blueOops!…did I get some on you?Well…I’m working on it..I’m coming back from the deadI’m pulling it togetherI’m stapling my headI can’t … Continue reading

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For Natascha

Creativity in grief, has always been a way of dealing with pain and loss. 5 unrelated things happened for this simple little visual poem to come alive. 1.I shot my bedroom window in the wind on my iphone… 2. I … Continue reading

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Big-Holed Sieve

Big-Holed-Sieve For O Each day passes right through without touching me, Big-holed sieve … nothing of any value stays; An entire starry evening, goes straight down the drain. What is the purpose of pouring, Into the porous leftover of my … Continue reading

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Cut To Fade

Cut To Fade <<*>> Propping my head in the window, the afternoon light dips and sways, my hands caress my prayer scarf, my chin is tied and trussed; Now it’s steady as my gaze.      A black gauze hood flaps … Continue reading

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The Cold Road (Lyrics)

The Cold Road You broke my heart, even though you didn’t want to. I know you love me, just maybe not in ways that I do. Without intention, you said some things that hurt me. My heart is fragile, it … Continue reading

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Outside Somehow, while the world was turning I got left on the outside..standing still. Everything seemed normal and yet I sensed that I was missing. Things flashed by me, while saxophones wailed like sirens and yet, I was frozen, in … Continue reading

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