Twisting Tempest Winds (Lyrics)


Twisting Tempest Winds (Lyrics)

Those stormy days came and stayed
it rained in our hearts
and it tore us apart
I couldn’t stand it…
being the lover’s bandit.

The dark and grey rolling in
I could still see the blue
but it had changed its hue….
for the reason,
it was the rainy season..

The sky was a sieve for the rain
It couldn’t stop falling
when the thunder was crawling
through the cracked clouds,
that were crying then… out loud.

If I could have changed that day
made sure that it never
went that way
tears and goodbyes,
under roaring storm skies

Those twisting tempest winds
blowing in our faces
while we sparred in our places
shouts and flare-ups,
We could barely bear-up.

Bolts from your electric eyes
just like that lightning
that was way too frightening
could have killed me
but I was lucky.

No one died that day
Then the sun broke through
and the storm de-brewed
We said, “I’m sorry”
but that’s another story.

Karima Hoisan

May 5, 2022
Costa Rica

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29 Responses to Twisting Tempest Winds (Lyrics)

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  2. Clever to compare a relationship conflict to the rainy season!

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  3. daleinnis says:

    Powerful images! And in a style I think you don’t usually use? You are a poet in so many ways! Thank you for this.

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    • Thank you Dale, glad you enjoyed the imagery…and yes, my style is very different as I hear it like a song…they are lyrics, not strictly poetry. Hoping to write the music and put it together soon..:)


  4. Jaya Avendel says:

    Loving this wonderful imagery and feeling!

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  5. swadharma9 says:

    when i read this poem, a tornado watch had just been declared, dark clouds swirled & rain was falling hard in the gusting wind. it was very effective to set the mood!👁👁 how did you do that?😯😎😘indeed, a powerful poem!!💥🙏🏼

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    • That is so ironic J…and of course I see the synchronicity…I hope no one was hurt in your nearby storm… at least in my poetic one…it seems to have blown over without any serious damage…thank goodness:) So glad you felt the poetic power of my low pressure moment…and that you are safe!!🙏❤️🤗🦋🎈

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  6. You’ve created a powerful metaphor, indeed, by using the storm. And I just love that final stanza about “I’m sorry” being “another story.”

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  7. marcdbaker says:

    We are all awaiting our new dawn, our awakening and our gift from heaven,
    The Angels do sing, we all need listen.. learn and love one another and our Creator…..
    Calm your spirit Karima…. enjoy the ride…..I strongly suspect ..YOU DESERVE PEACE !
    Always your friend,
    Marc David

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  8. Harshi says:

    Enjoyed reading aloud these terrific lyrics, Karima! You’ve captured the mood so well!

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  9. KK says:

    Bolts from your electric eyes…! Such gentle power and beauty in this post. Loved the metaphor and imagery used. You’re a great wordsmith, Karima! All the best 👍💐💖

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    • Thank you so much Kaushal.. that’s quite a compliment you just left me…I love words and playing with words, so am very happy to know, you think I am learning something about putting them together… The very best for you too and have a lovely weekend my friend🌹🦋🌼❤️

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  10. Ah, I saw the thunder crawling through the cracked clouds, and the sky being a sieve for the rain. So beautiful, delicious, colourful. And yes I felt the sentiment. We’ve all had those stormy days. Sometimes it really feels they’ll destroy us, rip apart the delicate thread holding us together. But then, surprisingly the sun does come out. :))

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    • Hello my friend…ah yes..more than not…the sun usually chases those storms away. Glad you enjoyed my description and very nice to see you here too…I am writing the music for this now..I may even sing it:):) I will keep you posted!

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  11. Jeff Flesch says:

    Such a gorgeous poem, Karima. You’ve elucidated so elegantly the stormy nature of relationships, at times, and the connection to nature that we always have comes through so beautifully. Happy weekend, my friend. ♥️🦋🤗🌹

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    • Thank you so much Jeff for your comment…Yes storms and stormy relationships…do have a lot in common…and under good outcomes, as fast as they come up…they can come down..The sheer swirling energy can be very dangerous in both cases…We have to know when to take shelter….when to know, it’s beyond our control.. Have a great weekend too🌹❤️🦋🌼🎈

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      • Jeff Flesch says:

        You’re welcome, Karima. Always. Ah, that’s so true about the swirling energy and shelter in both cases. Completely agree. Thank you, my friend. 🦋❤️🌸✨🌹

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  12. jonicaggiano says:

    Well I can just see this one as it is taking place. What a beautiful matching of lost love or angry love with nature and even better an angry sky and lightening. So cleaver you are my kind friend. Beautifully written, big hugs and lots of love Karima, Love Joni

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  13. Americaoncoffee says:

    Nice lyrics that really depict our human emotions. I wonder if we are really in control …🤔

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