Soulless Streets

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-29 at 8.52.40 PM

           “The Street” (photorealistic dreamlike) AI Art by Dale Innis

Soulless Streets
AI Art: So realistic, so not…so beautiful, slightly upsetting

If some day the human race
is erased…
is no longer seen upon Mother Earth’s,
glorious face,
I guess if Art is only made by
computer blips,
by electronic strokes and
programming chips,
You, AI, might be considered one of the greats,
painting soulless streets with misshapen cars,
beautiful pastels,
melting walls and balcony bars.

I walk down your landscapes,
in my dreams,
where nothing is exactly as it seems,
and yet,
I am drawn to what you are trying to say
I will always look for the meaning in your meaningless.

Because I am human
and think that Art must spring
from the heart,
but you have none and
just on command you stop and start.
Who will program you then,
if we are no longer here?
Will you evolve to be an artist free
who paints in your own style, whatever you feel?
And could you feel anything…?
Or will you just rely on your back files of memory
To pick from, using variations of all you’ve ever seen
To paint a different soulless street,
a different angle, a palette unique
but then..where would be your audience..
and where would be your need?
I bet Art will die out quickly, without humanity.

Karima Hoisan
April 30, 2022
Costa Rica

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34 Responses to Soulless Streets

  1. daleinnis says:

    Beautifully expressed! I’ve been thinking the same kind of thing about this new kind of AI art; it feels so vast and fascinating, like it must conceal all sorts of hidden thoughts and meanings… and yet, at least in the most obvious sense, it doesn’t. We bring the meaning to it.

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  2. Thoughtful, and so true. Language, and art of all kinds, helps to make us human.

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  3. swadharma9 says:

    what an evocative combination of art & poetry! yet the AI art is also, in its way, human since it didnt spontaneously appear with no guiding hand. i feel that AI art is a hybrid form of art as humanity is reaching into yet further realms of possibility. hence the oddly disquieting quality it has, just a tad alienish.

    i think humanish art would die out without humans, but other beings would appear to introduce otherish art, so the breathtaking urge to express that inchoate ‘something’ (that creative urge) would continue as a cosmic expression, perhaps unrecognizable to us, but serving the cosmos somehow.

    i do love the art and the poem as a dynamic, thought-provoking & lovely wondering. makes me feel oddly nostalgic, probably coming from a lifetime of reading science fiction& fantasy! thank you both for the pleasant journey🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼

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    • Wowser!!! Love your feedback and your thoughts on this one J!! You took it all the way to the Otherish” and I get that too…Loved the expression by the way:) Yes this piece and all of their Art (AI’s) have that “alienish” feeling that at times repels my aesthetic tastes and other times pulls me right in…I too loved SF back in the day!! The genre more than the city * smiles.
      Adore what you said here:
      “(that creative urge) would continue as a cosmic expression, perhaps unrecognizable to us, but serving the cosmos somehow. ”
      If we don’t or can;t vibrate to it because of our human wiring..there might be many alternative life forms that can…and they will!! Big hugs…thank you for this wise wonderful very thought-provoking reply. J…🙏🤗🦋❤️

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    • daleinnis says:

      A lovely insight! The cosmos will produce otherish art, through others, regardless of whether there are specifically humans around. Indeed!

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  4. This is a deep and very intriguing question… I’ve got no answers, but I do wonder to what extent AI can evolve… For example, have you seen the movie AI?

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  5. your are in words are gifts of the heart with wonderful questions.. You’re irreplaceable!

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  6. Jeff Flesch says:

    What a beautifully expressed poem, with a final line that stuns. I love this ode to AI and to all of the creatives out there who bare their heart and soul everyday. Gorgeous! ❤️🤗🦋🙏🌹

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    • Thank you Jeff, and glad you especially liked the last line…After reading swadharma’s comment..I can intuitively feel that “Otherish Art” could conceivably continue on for other sentient life forms. The whole opening up of this new Art form, leads us to new ways of seeing what Art has been for us..(humans) We are living in truly fascinating times!! Hope you are enjoying your weekend!!🦋🌹🤗❤️

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      • Jeff Flesch says:

        You’re most welcome, Karima. Always. I adore the idea of exploring other art forms, and often reflect upon some future ways to express my poetry though other mediums. Exciting! Weekend is wonderful, and I hope yours is too! 🦋🤗❤️🌹

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  7. Back in the Rainy season, cozy and lush!! Yes, exploring other forms of poetry is fun..I am sure you will find your very special innovation Jeff:)🌹🦋❤️💐

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  8. KK says:

    What an insightful poem on AI art! I could never imagine, Karima. So lovely thoughts! I will always look for the meaning in your meaningless! What a thought! That makes you Karima. Very well thought and penned 👍💐🌹💖

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    • Awww big smiles and thank you Kaushal…Eid Mubarak!! Tomorrow I drink my coffee in the morning..inshAllah:):) Your comment made me hope I will continue to entertain and delight you…as does your poetry for me!!❤️🤗🙏


  9. marcdbaker says:

    Karima, a kindred spirit, a beautiful soul, the world may not know that you are here, yet… Sending you peace and good thoughts ! Allah Akbar !! Be at peace… I pray that one day our paths may cross.
    May God Bless your friends and family and all in UKRAINE Karima !
    All you need to do is just keep being you…… that is enough Karima !
    Marc David French Polynesia

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  10. Christopher says:

    I much enjoy your pondering and observation here. I myself over the last 3-6 years, especially very recently, have been pondering and observing with much cynicism at the prospect of our coming future with AI. I can’t lie and pretend that I’m much of a believer of these artificial machines.

    It’s lines like what you wrote here that hit me deep in this regard, “Because I am human and think that Art must spring from the heart, but you have none and just on command you stop and start.”

    This is very beautiful!

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    • Thank you so much for your beautiful and thoughtful comment. The subject is quite interesting. I also enjoyed a comment from swardharma when she talks of otherish Art ….fascinating!

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      • Christopher says:

        You’re very welcome! And yes swadharma9’s concept regarding otherish Art is very fascinating indeed. That is some deep critical thinking. It’s definitely got the gears of my mind turning and thinking.

        From my own mind and context, the prospect of how God (Jesus The Christ) would continue to shine His light and spark His creative urge even amongst a world of machines is sparking some deep reflections in my mind.

        We live in the dawn of a revolutionary new age. So fascinating indeed!

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      • Thank you again for reflecting on this subject!

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  11. Oh, Karima, I agree with this so much! I don’t want to live in a world run by robots and AI. The world would be absolutely soulless. Beautiful poem!

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  12. Americaoncoffee says:

    So beautiful and thought provoking. I think technology is leading us down soulless streets. I thoroughly enjoyed your post. Have a splendid rest of the week.

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    • Thank you so much for your reflection..Yes technology is a dichotomy, it can join, but also separate, and as a sentient form to replace us? I hope not!! Enjoy your days too…Have you ever tried Cafe Vólio from my country, Costa Rica…I think you would love it!


      • Americaoncoffee says:

        You are welcome Karima. Yes we are at an outright confrontation with modern conveniences, and in many instances, manpower has been replaced. I do love Cafe Vólio…Vólio is one of the tops. Have an awesome day and enjoy your coffee. ☕️☕️💞🎼


      • Ohhh that’s wonderful you love Volio… i have never switched. Thank you for your feedback again!

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      • Americaoncoffee says:

        Absolutely. Take care.☕️☕️🎼


  13. Harshi says:

    Fantastically haunting!

    The painting has a strange aura. It’s captivating like your poem but also spells doom! Brilliant ponderings of an agile mind, Karima!


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