Written in Stone


Written in Stone

I never could understand the attraction
we found ourselves in
like being reduced to tiny metal shavings,
and something written in stone was the magnet
sweeping us both off our feet, into the street.

That’s a long time ago,
and memory plays tricks on what was real
but I know the first time I saw you
in that market and you saw me
lights flashed on the switchboard of destiny.

“Your call is ready now, shall I ring you through?”
“You’ve received a call…they are waiting for you.”

But we only resorted to eyes and hidden smiles,
from a distance a bit too far, for you to see,
that I was looking too.
Ground spices surrounding us, a perfume we both wore
but you hennaed your hands, while my wrists jingled in gold,
and we noticed those details as we walked out the door;
the attraction was doing its thing now,
not heeding the rules of astronomy, no logic, 0 possibilities,
Just simple fate with twists up ahead,
pulling us into the spotlight and when we looked up
our bags in our hands, we were walking…
in the same direction…
and our eyes kept smiling…and smiling

Karima Hoisan

November 16, 2022

Costa Rica

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25 Responses to Written in Stone

  1. daleinnis says:

    Lovely and evocative! Love the image of lights flashing on the switchboard of destiny. You always make every word count!

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  2. Excellent piece hon 👏👏👏

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  3. swadharma9 says:

    memories of smiling are the best kind, especially when you find yourself smiling yet again🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼it’s a beautiful thing🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼 a lovely poem: thank you❤️😘💕

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  4. Oooh, this piece felt especially dream-like and melodic. Brilliantly written, my friend!

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    • Ohh thank you Joyce, like your haiku I just read, some moments in time are captured in our minds as short movies, even stills…this was a moment like that for me when an uncommon but marvelous friendship began……and then evolved 🙂


  5. Pooja G says:

    Love the descriptive imagery, well written.

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  6. Thank you so much Pooja and thank you for visiting my blog.


  7. Jaya Avendel says:

    Loving the poignant imagery and vivid narrative that make up this lovely poem! ❤

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  8. I do like the idea of the chance meeting, just a moment in time. How often something like that can be remembered with clarity? A lovely expression of love and care is generated from a single moment. I really like this poem.

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    • In this case was an uncommon but glorious/tragedy, that lasted many years…and many many poems were born from it…and yes as it turned into a pivotal point in my life, I remember all the little details…and I hope I always will. Thank you for your comment David and for your observations.


  9. Jeff Flesch says:

    I love the the deep connection here, no words, just a knowing. Gorgeous write, Karima.


  10. rajkkhoja says:

    Wonderful picture.
    Nice written it’s.

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  11. Grace says:

    “lights flashed on the switchboard of destiny.” That line is absolutely stunning Karima! This whole piece is just beautiful 🤍. So happy to read your pieces of magic again dear friend!!!!

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