The Dry Season


                                                   Costa Rica

The Cicadas played their siren-song the other day,
wailing from the trees like air raid prophecies.
Climate change had delayed this anticipated moment…
then everyone said, “Ahh now the dry season has finally arrived!”
Put away your umbrellas in the bodega, until April or May.

Season of twisting cool afternoon winds, replace the rains
Birds gather building supplies, compete in best nest designs
The sun is brighter, the air is cooler, we sit and watch the afternoon.
The rains won’t come again for several months
and then it will rain every day for the rest of the year after 2:00.

No spring and fall just wet and dry, thunder & lightning,
a thing of the past; flooding and torrential rain, hard to imagine
with these sunset hues of orange and pink against lavender blue.
Rejoice in the dry evening hours, outside, gazing at a billion stars
Ripe fruit on the trees, the smell in the air, of the cane fields ablaze.

Families gathering seaside or riverside, picnics and singing in the 5’oclock haze.
The dry season has finally graced our land with its highly awaited 4-month stay.

Karima Hoisan
February 2, 2023
Costa Rica

*Footnote. We are now in the Dry Season..which normally begins mid-December
until the first rains in April. This year, because of climate change it started late,
last week to be exact…end of January.

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29 Responses to The Dry Season

  1. A wonderfully evocative piece! I can almost smell the dry air and feel the warm breeze! 🙂

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    • I think you should come visit sometime,Colin, when it’s raging cold in Brittany:) It’s the dry season here. I actually love the rainy season, but this year it has been long and hard, so the change feels like “spring-fever” in the air to us all. Thank you for this gracious comment:)

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  2. Ahhh yes, I too love the tapestries of the sky of the rainy season and our rains come almost like they are on a timer, after 2:00pm daily:)

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  3. Wonderful piece Karima 👏👏👏

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  4. daleinnis says:

    Beautiful invocation of the changing seasons in that exotic southern land! I would miss the snow, but the smell of ripe fruit and burning canefields comes strongly through your words.

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    • I know how you love your NY winters but you come come visit just when the season changes for a few weeks. We call this summer, although technically we are in winter just like you, being a bit like 13 N of the Equator, but it means our nicest weather, and kids are on summer vacation here now too;) So glad you felt the poem and thank you for this comment.

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  5. Layla Todd says:

    What lovely, moving opening imagery! I love the interplay of nature and sound as it winds through this read. ❤

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  6. Thank you Layla for this very special comment…how your poetic sensitivity perceives so much in each stanza!! I really enjoyed your choice of words for this poem:) 🌹


  7. It’s a beautiful piece Karima! Nature at it’s best with amazing imagery!💞

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  8. swadharma9 says:

    you brought your remarkable costa rican climate alive to me! i love varieties of weather, & you have a very winsome mix there, vividly expressed!🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼 makes me go all spacey, just imagining that wind, the different feel to the air, the subliminal excitement of this global weather event that you call your costa rican climate! what an amazing place of abundance! thank you for the journey🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼😘❤️

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    • Ohhh goody goody:):) That’s what I was hoping to do…and you being the sensitive, susceptible one, I am not surprised you could feel those little subtle shifts in Mother Nature’s Tropical Scene Changes:) The wind makes balloons dance counter clockwise and twirl..It has that mixed flower_ fruit smell and yes you said it right…This little country that is a tiny bit smaller than W. Virginia, is an amazing place of abundance!! I’m so glad I could teleport you here with me..for a brief taste:):)🌈🎈🦋🌟🌊

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  9. Grace says:

    I love this piece for many reasons! Mainly, because I hate how people talk about the weather 🤣…if we could talk about the seasons like you so beautifully do here and add actual poetic or at least original thoughts – the level of conversation in this world would go up several notches! I LOVE your descriptive details and how you found inspiration in the simplest of things. You truly took me to the scene and that is the work of a very talented creator like yourself. Spectacular as always, dearest Karima.

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    • Awww so sweet Grace…your comments always lift me up.. Costa Rica in either season is a naturally gorgeous country and we get into talking about the weather, but usually in awe and feeling so grateful we live here. It’s small but so blessed and with moderate temps all year round..:) No more dry facts just the magic that our country inspires, to those who come to know it:):) Hugs and thank you for these uplifting words 🙏❤️🙏

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  10. Linda Bass says:

    This brought back so many lovely memories. I always preferred the rainy season. I think my Muse did too.

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    • Yes me too Linda, but before the thrill dissipates into the dust 🙂 the first days are really so beautiful:):) Thanks for commenting and I know you have many memories (You could write a book:) in both seasons 🌈


  11. A beautiful reflection upon the wonders of nature.

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  12. Hoyt says:

    You seem to be able to observe every nuance of the changing climate. You do this with all your poetry Ruca. Such a keen sense of awareness to your surroundings you have!

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  13. In Maine, the winter can be dry, but then with the cold you don’t feel it as much. With the heat comes mugginess and dampness. It is something else, how the biomes of Earth play out.

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