Lucid Dreaming….Sort of


                                “City Rain” by Dale Innis on Midjourney

Put me in this place I need to be today
if you bring the right music.
I will shut the door behind us.
I’ve been feeling good about myself
for one whole week
and now I need to let
the words slip through the grate
slide out in dance
or with grace,
take a picture
of my beaming face,
I hope you’ll stay the night
my muse.

If you say yes,
we can keep up
the pace,
until the break of first sunlight
the following day.

In my lucid dreams
I have no control it seems.
I watch it aware this unfolds
on my very own stage,
but …
I have never been the director.
I am never in control of my lines
or the scenes;
lucid as a wide awake schoolgirl,
I stand in the middle of the street
and watch it all with my eyes open
and whoever is,
changing the scenery
lowering the scrims,
cuing the rain…
is hidden from me
in the shadows of backstage.
and it just feels so real,
so very real.

The colors and where I find myself
assure me I am asleep
and yet I do not have any idea
how this scene will end,
or where my next line will
Can I intervene with lucid clarity
and push the plot
Like this> < like that?
To here> < to there?
Is love at the end or a fall
from a roof top around the bend?
And I, the ecstatic spectator
have given up any control
so long ago.
I sit in awe,
my mouth wide open
and hope to catch a glimpse
of the director,
before lights are dimmed
and the curtain descends
and the play is over.

Karima Hoisan
March 17, 2023
Costa Rica

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21 Responses to Lucid Dreaming….Sort of

  1. I… I… I am blown away by this poem of yours, Karima ❤

    Much love,

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  2. daleinnis says:

    Love this! I hadn’t thought of that image as a dream, but now I see it very dreamlike. Life is like a lucid dream! Are we ever in control? Do we ever (get to) see the Director? Deep thoughts simply and beautifully put.

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    • Funny, that is what I first saw in it when you showed me it yesterday. I felt like it could be a poem, but no time frame and then today it declared itself, after muse took interest too:) I do expect we will meet the Director, but a little glimpse while the play is still in progress, does wonders for the soul:) Thank you Dale for the inspiring image and your continual support:):)


  3. Belavar Planiie says:

    !!Eh…yes…. ”and hope to catch a glimpse
    of the director,
    before lights are dimmed”
    I know that feeling so well, from ‘Realife’, all these special effects, the enigmatic ‘Presence’. You captured the experience so well and I’m so glad that you did and shared it. (I used to say ”Invisible The Showman has done this….”). Isn’t it strange that we know, and we know that we know, and yet…..we don’t ‘Know’. Lol.

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    • Hehe, probably the Know (with capital K) comes after the curtain call:) But it’s an interesting topic to ponder and glad you also enjoy seeing glimpses of that “enigmatic Presence” that darts in and out of our lives:) I really enjoyed your comment, Belavar…thank you for taking the time to leave it for me:)


      • Belavar Planiie says:

        Thanks for being so gracious. I really appreciate you sharing tirelessly, reminding us of The Magic. Your voice is in counterpoint to mainstream nihilism! Seeing your glimmering lantern swaying in the fog ahead, ‘Way-Shower’….one is not afraid to take another step, but joyfully surprised for the Encouragement!

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      • Oh how beautifully said…yes we are in an age of nihilism and despair. Thank you for saying I hold a times, I see clearly..but not always, The difference maybe is I know Magic exists..that subtle magic that is possible to witness and to create. Your YT on the disappearing penny is perfect. We must learn to tip the glass. to see’s’s always been there, Thank you Belavar.


  4. Grace says:

    Karima Karima Karima!!! This is divine on so many levels. I kept thinking “ooo this is my favorite part” and then I’d read the next line and think that was my favorite part! That is the work of a truly brilliant creator like yourself!!!! I was hooked from this GENIUS title, and you delivered throughout. I love the feeling of being lucid in your words, you took me into the emotion of lucid dreaming. I could read it over and over and get a new meaning. Obviously, I’m rambling 🤣 but it’s just how much I love your words. Truly, this is sensational 🤍🤗

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    • You have me smiling over coffee which is a perfect way to start the day:) A true lucid dreamer Is the director, the writer, the star but that is not my case:) Maybe I just choose to surrender to my dreams…keep that “in- awe” place, that can be a choice too…In any case, Dale’s image once again piqued a poem out of me. You can ramble all you want haha,,,love your rambling and you always see and appreciate what you find in my poetry…I am so ramble on my dear…Love this comment❤️

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  5. Love it Karima. Always enjoy your musings about your muse. You’re ever ready to capture it, flow along with it, and turn it into something readable, enjoyable. And a loud shout out for the person who’s drawn up this painting (Dale Innis – I think he’s the same artist from that three part story on your youtube channel, right?) I just couldn’t take my eyes off the painting. Something magnetic about it. 🙂

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    • Hello my friend:) I always get a joyous reaction seeing your name in comments.. Hope you are doing well and writing…would love to see what you have been up to:) This is Dale’s image yes..using AI Art and it sparked the idea for this poem. I too love seems to be appearing or disintegrating, right before your eyes. My friend, I have a very special post I wrote for my birthday…Please read it when you have the time..I would love that you know the real me:) not the avatar me:)
      I will look forward to hearing from you again soon. Thank you for your continual appreciation of my muse and the poetry we make together 🙂

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  6. Layla Todd says:

    I love how the opening lines immediately ground me in the poem and pull me along into the place I need to be today. Lovely writing! ❤

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    • Ohh Layla ( I’m sure you know your name means Night in Arabic. Night Todd is a great name too:) I am so happy my poem led you to a good place for today. Very appreciative, always, for your feedback, Have a great weekend!

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  7. Jeff Flesch says:

    “I watch it aware this unfolds on my very own stage, but … I have never been the director. I am never in control of my lines or the scene” I love this with all of my heart. When we can hang onto this understanding and awareness, all of life becomes that more beautiful, inspirational, and transformational. Amazing write, Karima.

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    • Thank you so much Jeff, for this deeply understanding comment about my poem. Awww you have made my day with your beautiful words and your sincere appreciation of what I was trying to say in this poem:) Now you know me a bit better….but I hope to present to you, the flesh & blood woman behind the avatar. When you have a moment, I would be honored if you would read my post, my reveal post of who Karima Hoisan really is:) I hope you’re not totally shocked haha..but I’ll take my chances, because you have been a loyal WordPress friend for years now:) Enjoy!

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  8. Swept along by the beauty of life. This flows in a wonderful way and is full of inspiration. A great read.

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