With a Title Even

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Collage – Falling Down” by Dale Innis & Karima Hoisan

With a Title Even

That’s the spot…the right spot the music hits
when it’s meant to be nothing else, but a poem.

Not sure if it’s the way or how it makes me sway
but my mind starts to go away with the very first bars.

The words now have nowhere to hide
so they tumble down the stairs into poetry…

And when I put it on a loop, it holds me captive;
will absolutely not let me go until this poem is born.

Glorious possession, I am the happy victim scribbling
lost in the music, no longer music but more like a trance…

And when I’m back on the shoreline of the consciousness sea
There is a poem, with a title even, still wet and fresh… signed by me.

Karima Hoisan
April 30, 2023
Costa Rica

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35 Responses to With a Title Even

  1. daleinnis says:

    Wonderful. 🙂 It’s always so great when you share your process for making poems … in a poem! Your creativity is amazing.

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  2. Well the secret is out hehe that’s how I do it:) Thank you Dale for allowing me to collage- up your AI image..I think we made it work hehe and thank you always for your support.:)


  3. Linda Bass says:

    Ahhh, that wonderful feeling when a poem is born! You captured it beautifully!

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  4. In the course of time your poem took shape and a special place in my mind and heart.
    I loved reading you, dear Karima.
    Hope you are well and continue to have a nice Sunday.

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  5. Steve says:

    I like this. It’s as if the words are being written just as the reader takes them in.


  6. Whew…because you ride a fast bike:):)


  7. KK says:

    Wow! What a wonderful piece, Karima! Love every words of how you conceive a poem. I think falling into a trance is the best way to write a poem, when mind stops and heart speaks. Very well done, Karima! Bravo 👏💐💖🙏


    • Awww why thank you so much Kaushal for your very enthusiastic and positive comment. I am smiling from ear to ear:) Glad you enjoyed how I go into trance state..Music has always been such an integral part of my process and also for recitation. Thank you again so much for this wonderful comment 🙏🌹 🙏

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  8. Absolutely love this one Karima💕

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  9. Your weave has me mesmerized Karima! I love the trance and music in this well done piece. Your words speak to the heart and soul.. love it my friend.

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  10. Navin says:

    A delightful poem about this wonderful feeling when a poem is taking birth…love the flow & rythm…these are the lines from the heart…beautifully written piece, Karima 💫❤️✨

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    • Awww thank you my friend. I know you have your own magical way to get to that place, because your poetry flows so naturally like on a self aware river it paints all you want to say. I still find the art of poetry especially so intriguing how we actually write it! Thank you Naveen for your thoughts on this one 🌹

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      • Navin says:

        You’re very welcome, my dear friend…and my gratitude to you for your lovely & fluid words…it’s quite intriguing how we actually write…I believe, the words that we ink come from body, mind & soul…every single visible & invisible particle of our existence plays an important role…have a peaceful day & take care of yourself ✨❤️💫

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      • I love this theory and it seems to be always accessed in mysterious ways. Thank you for sharing your experiences in this area. It’s really so fascinating 🌹

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  11. Layla Todd says:

    So beautiful the lyricism of this lovely writing, especially in the gentle yet poetic close! ❤

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  12. michnavs says:

    I love how you use simple language yet with depth in essence…this is wonderful…

    And oh, so this is how you write….🤭

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  13. Jeff Flesch says:

    I always love to read your words, and even more so when you write about creativity and about how we are creative outlets for the divine. I love this poem, Karima. ❤️🤗

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    • Awww thank you Jeff…you made my Friday night:) So glad you vibrated to the spilling of my secrets on how I do it:) I remember, you also write to music:) Have a fabulous weekend Jeff🌈🌹🦋


  14. Love this! Closing line is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

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