Backstage  tala-jay-sol

Please click play to listen to the poem recited to the music
ll Rail Wa Hamad by Ilham al Madfai


Scrims and scenery of our lives,
love’s stage,
where all our dramas unfold…
At a certain age,
we build a prop room of memories,
but try as we may,
some plays when closed,
leave nothing left to store… anymore.

I pull the ropes backstage,
the transparent curtain opens,
revealing a small family
celebrating an unusual wedding.
The backdrop,
a room wrapped in tapestries,
decorated in love and haste.
The bride and groom, grateful enough
for this small public acceptance.
Dressed humbly, but glowing,
they glide down the Turkish carpets,
half way to the orchestra pit.

A colorful hand embroidered dress
for the woman of
foreign blood and tongue,
A new suit for the young man
who weds her against
all predictions and traditions,
The orchestra drones a repetitive beat
Brothers dancing with brothers
holding hands and singing songs
invented on the spot,
a clever custom of their village

Sisters clapping on the sidelines,
Hope, is the flowered centerpiece
and the chandelier lighting tonight.
The cardboard set looks almost real,
the audience, so caught up in illusion,
that they clap along,
shouting out well wishes,
The conductor, tips his wand and smiles.

The big white cake,
the tray of gold jewelry,
the professional photographers
reserved not for tonight,
but next season’s billing.
I pull on the ropes once more,
and remain thoughtful backstage,
The blood red velvet curtain closes,
while I hear anonymous stagehands
striking this set.

Karima Hoisan
April 27, 2023
Costa Ria

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20 Responses to Backstage

  1. Loved reading this Karima !The music adds to your words which makes the whole piece amazing ✍️❤️✍️

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  2. Beautiful in every way … especially, ‘hope is the flowered centerpiece..”

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  3. daleinnis says:

    A wonderful meditation on memory, and presentation of a memory of your own at the same time. Your words and your voice and the music deliver it beautifully; thank you yet again for all that you create and share!

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    • Thank you Dale..yes these memories reappear in technicolor when I least expect it..I welcomed this one with arms opened wide, as it’s been a few days since a poem came knocking:) So glad you enjoyed my recitation with music too. Thank you for always being there so supportive:)


  4. what a beautiful memory shared in looking in at life in story so beautifully shared.
    “Hope is a flower centerpiece” what a brilliant line Karima! The music is always a delightful escape which I listen to your beautiful radio voice! 👏
    I love it!!! 💗


  5. Lovely memories and so elegantly written.

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  6. KK says:

    Beautiful memories, Karima, elegantly written and eloquently recited. Music is always an added spice. 👏💐💖🙏


  7. johncoyote says:

    Amazing verbal poetry dear Karima. Good evening from Michigan.

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