The Gift


This is a true story. Please press Play to listen to it rather than read it. I include the words below, but hopefully you will choose to listen to me tell this story to my own soundtrack. Enjoy!

And when I was conscious that I was dreaming..

I found myself suspended in dark space.
At first it was pitch black…
I could not see my hand in front of my face.

I was not falling, but floating weightless…
and curiously, I felt absolutely no fear.

Space is not quiet; I had no idea.
It is a cacophony of sounds
disconcerting and a bit unnerving.

Then a star was born and the light was blinding.
The colors of purple, orange, red & blue
began to materialize, as it slowly formed from clouds & gasses
before my startled eyes and it began to take shape
A shape I could recognize…it formed a perfect sphere.


And then another and another
They all became spheres..
One after another rotating slowly counterclockwise,
they solidified before my eyes…
and that is when I realized…I was being given a gift.

I paid even closer attention as if I were waiting
for someone to speak..a celestial voice.
or..the voice of God? Could that be?

But the voice of God when it beams in on you..
does not really speak..
it opens your mind and let’s you know more
than you’ve ever known before
Beyond speech, beyond words,
pure realization, pure understanding,
what is known as an epiphany
Hovering in the vacuum of space,
I felt like I was disintegrating
this was the gift that was given to me.
A true epiphany beyond any material worth
and the spheres represented all of life.


From the largest to the smallest,
the building blocks of our they came into being,
others were dying and then I understood..
Born with a rumbling boom, then disappearing with a pop
like a bubble bursting..
The answer to what is the meaning of life was given to me
I could not speak..
I was in a state of Awe
But I understood EVERYTHING, in the clap of my hands..
and as I was waking up..I heard myself say,
“The answer is so simple… It’s so simple”
and then I could not find more words to describe what I now knew.
The gift was too big for me and yet
I will be eternally grateful to have received it.

One thing I could bring back, was this….
“Death is just an open door on top of the surface of a sphere.
Death is not an end,
When you die, you walk through to the other side…
and keep walking..
There is no end to a sphere, there is no end to death.

Karima Hoisan
May 6, 2023
Costa Rica

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53 Responses to The Gift

  1. Layla Todd says:

    How soulful this piece of writing! I love the way it embodies this feeling of dreaming, of arriving at conclusions when our minds are at their most flexible and open, and carrying that lesson, that gift, with us into life. ❤

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    • Thank you Layla and I am so glad you listened to it. Your comments are very valuable for me, as this is,(as you can tell) an experimental style but the story is one I have wanted to tell for a long time. I wasn’t sure how and had thought of making a video, but I am happy how this came out with only a few pictures I shot of my avatar in the virtual world. Thank you so much for taking the time and I loved what you said about our minds being more flexble when we are dreaming. I totally agree. This happened back in the 19800’s and I never forgot a detail….as is the way with what I call Vision-dreams. ❤️

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    • da-AL says:

      you took the words right out of my mouth, Layla – awesome in every way, Karima – & what a voice!!! just emailed you…

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  2. Karima what a stunning piece of writing!✍️❤️✍️❤️

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  3. daleinnis says:

    So beautiful and so wise!

    “The answer is so simple… It’s so simple”

    The ultimate answer to everything, the simplest and most complex and easiest and hardest truth. You’ve described this gift so beautifully and evocatively; and then given it such a soulful voice.

    “Death is just an open door on top of the surface of a sphere.” 😭

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    • Thank you Dale, your comment (and emojis) moved me very much. It’s impossible to describe something like this..those who have seen something similar understand. It’s why I waited so long to try.
      I hope the images helped a bit rather than detracted…I also think it should be told, this happened without any psychedelics being ingested.
      I was in a natural sleeping state but afterwards…I feel my life was so many ways.. Thank you again for all your support:)

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  4. Belavar Planiie says:

    Thank you! Made me smile with happiness that someone shares these Truths. I am so happy for your sharing. Thank you.

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  5. swadharma9 says:

    what a treasure you were given!!🙏🏼❤️🌹❤️🙏🏼 it nurtures you every moment, enfolds you in love that you then become 🥰😘❤️ & the world is that much more blessed by your presence🥰thank you for sharing the blessing🤗💕🙏🏼

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    • Thank you so much soulkin….we can talk more about this later..but I already know that you on your own path in your own way, have received many gifts over your lifetime. The fact you share them with us, I found so inspiring and it was a definite push for me personally, to attempt to describe something so far beyond words that I saw and lived more than 30 years ago. Big Hugs and many blessings to you my very special friend 🤗❤️🌹

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  6. Navin says:

    I don’t have enough words…and I did not read yours…coz your beautiful voice is so immersive…I was spellbound by your storytelling…a true story…Death is not the end…Death is just an open door…soulful writing & voice…amazing background music…I was listening to this piece…the imagery was so powerful that I felt as if I were watching a short film…bravo, my dear friend 👏💟💫

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    • Ohhh Navin, thank you for listening and your words are so affirming for me. If I had any doubts about doing this (and I did!)
      reading your comment and knowing you felt immersed in my audio,
      to the point you felt like you had watched it like a video..well it just fills me, and now I’m really happy I did it in this way…Not a video but a small illustrated piece, short with my avatar in the virtual. I left most up to the imagination, which is many times better. So glad you liked my spacey music..I had lots of fun in Garage Band composing it. Thank you again for immersing in this moment. Until today I was not sure I could tell it well enough to do it justice. Hugs Naveen and I am so grateful for your beautiful, sensitive comment. 🌹🙏

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      • Navin says:

        Absolutely…leaving most for the imagination is many times better…coz that way people can connect to the writing through their own raw lens…it’s my pleasure listening to this beautuful piece…hugs & have a peaceful day, Karima 💫

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  7. macalder02 says:

    Somos lo que soñamos a pesar de decir que el sueño es un misterio. Nuestras dificultades para entendernos con los sueños, a pesar de que nos pasamos la tercera parte de nuestra vida durmiendo, es que los consideramos irreales. Yo estoy convencido que existe una sola realidad, que abarca también el campo de los sueños. Es uno quien decide si permanece en la ilusión o en la verdad. Y lo que te ha pasado, no es mas que la pura realidad y has tenido la valentía de sacarlo a la luz de una manera poética de extrema belleza y con una honestidad a prueba de fuego.
    Podría decirte que para mí cualquier sueño tuyo es mi sueño si eres tú quien abre la puerta.

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    • Mi querido Manuel, tus palabras me estimulan y me inspiran mucho. Para mi, también,que la realidad embarca al mundo de los sueños y que también a una categoria de suenños que yo los llamo, visiónes. Son sueños duraderos, que se recuerden por toda la vida, cada detalle, cada color. Me alegro mucho que tu pienses que yo logré de describirlo en meras palabras lo indescribo . Gracias por la confianza de seguir leyendome aunque mi audio está en puro Inglés

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      • macalder02 says:

        Cuando escucho tu audio solo importa la cadencia de tu voz que después la pego a la traducción. El resto lo hace la imaginación y todo se compagina. Tu dejas las puertas abiertas del gran laberinto de lo indescriptible por que lo asume tu espíritu sensible y lo sabes trasmitir en el idioma simple de la vida.

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  8. Gracias para explicarme como lo haces y Ojalá, leyendo la letra mientras escuchas mi voz, es casi como ver una pelicula con subtítulos:):) Gracias de nuevo para decir que mis palabras sencillas, es suficiente para entenderse de algo tan afuera de nuestros entendimientos..normalmente.. Pero un regalo es un regalo y yo quiero, yo intento de decir a mis lectores, que aunque sea una vez en la vida..un regalo así pueden venir cuando uno menos lo espera. Gracias mi amigo.


  9. Karima, you blow me away. Consistently so!

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  10. Wow! Your words are gifts to truth and opening to receive the omissions of divinity that you express so beautifully Karima. I loved this heartfelt piece💞🥰💞

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  11. Steve says:

    A comforting take on the “death story”… assuring us of a continuing journey rather than an abrupt and dark end. A gift, though one I don’t want for a very long time!🙏🏼

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    • Thank you Steve for listening…After 35 years, I decided to try to put the whole experience in words. I was not sure how it would come off as 3/4 was totally wordless. The death story as you call it, was only at the end and what I saw was what I tried to show with the illustration and my words. To this day, so many years later, I am very comforted by what I saw and understood. I appreciate your commenting.

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  12. This is truly beautiful, Karima, with a hopeful message.

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  13. johncoyote says:

    Dear Karima. I love listening to your beautiful voice and your words and thoughts.

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  14. From my dear friend in real life, Jan Betts,The artist, her comment:

    “Wow! Beautiful, profound… somewhere that Gift is within you, even tho you can’t remember specifics… it affects your unbridled creativity… beyond words, you did well to describe what you could. Part of the Mystery that is you”

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    • Thank you so much my bestest friend in Costa Rica! We probably have spent many hours trying to talk about what’s outside all words…I am glad you think I touched upon it and did well to attempt it. Big hugs and thank you for being on the long journey with me for the last almost 50 years!!!! Hugs and so much gratitude to have you in my life.


  15. Very strong ending!

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    • Ahh glad you liked it Ben. Did you listen to it or just read it? The soundtrack is mine this time too. It was a vision I had 35 years ago and it has never faded from my memory. Thanks so much for taking the time and commenting.


  16. michnavs says:

    I listened to this many times…i love how each of the word you uttered touched deeply into my inner soul..and i love how this gave me a calming and soothing effect.

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    • Oh Mich, I am so happy it could touch you so deeply. This very much inspires me, as i was not sure I could pull it off, communicate how deeply I was touched and how it has stayed with me forever! Thank you for taking the time to listen several times . Just Wow!!!

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  17. Wow! And you say this is a true story. What an incredible experience that must’ve been. Powerful. “And when I was conscious that I was dreaming..” Quite a beginning this was too. I was at once assured this was going to be awesome. Thanks for this gift, Karima. I’m always so interested in the mysteries of life and death. I listened to it. Got lost in it. Contemplated on it. Then listened again. In your magical voice. Through your splendid choice of words. A phenomenon, I guess, otherwise impossible to verbalize.

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    • Hello my friend…was so nice to see you left me a comment on this one. Yes, it is a true story/dream/epiphany..and yes so very powerful to still be clearly embedded in my mind and beyond… My pleasure to share it, because for me, this was/is proof, that transcendental moments (gifts) can happen to anyone and at anytime. I wasn’t altering my consciousness with drugs or liquor..I just was asleep…so that is why this vision that has lasted for a lifetime. is still so important to me…and why, I finally decided to share it here…because I feel safe here:) Your last line hits it right on the was a “phenomenon otherwise impossible to verbalize…It was truly a gift and this gift can be given to anyone…anyone could receive it too…just be open:) I am very pleased you liked the recording too..thank you Sundaram for this inspiring comment. 🙏❤️ 🙏

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