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Holding Hands

                                            Karak Jordan 2007 In my sleep last night that dream appeared again; I had to make a choice and I chose you. I always seem to choose the memory instead of the reality, I wonder if you were alive, … Continue reading

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In Dreams

“just like it was taught to me…” In my dreams, I can run and I run up unknown stairs, flight after flight. I talk to people in crowded city streets… No one wears masks, and we have not yet had … Continue reading

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Subconsciously *To hear me recite it, to the music that inspired it, click HERE I let myself fall into the mirrored dream-sleep of hazy memories, of dark nightmares coming down from the ceiling..cages descending over me. My machine-like finger tips..pick … Continue reading

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When I Fall Asleep…

When I Fall Asleep… When I fall asleep, I don’t remember my dreams of better days: The ones of my youth when hope was sewn into my chest with steel threads, When I believed all the shades of grey, that … Continue reading

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Our Latest Movie!

Hi everyone, Hope you will enjoy this, our 26th collaboration: Its a very different style for us, to showcase Nat’s gorgeous photography. Please see her blog for much more background and my past posts:Here is the poem: Here is the … Continue reading

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Cat Parade

I almost caught the big one..but like all big ones, it got away. It balanced on my sleep frontier, my emptied thoughts, my break of day. Just as I reached for it, to capture everything it tried to say It … Continue reading

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Fog Rolls In….

Fog rolls in but my head is clear wrapped around you in a folding chair I know how to make the best things true Oh it’s lucid dreaming time with you. All that vitamin B taken faithfully rituals and sleeping … Continue reading

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The Candy-Apple Red & Blue Dream

Please play this haunting piece by David Darling while you read I am not asleep when this dream begins and I am alone in a part of my room I am only asked to go to if I have failed … Continue reading

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