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The Repo Man by Dale Innis Repossessed (A frightening thought for Halloween) I’ve considered this before.. if all is merely rented here (a truth that I’ve already seen) then even my creativity can be cancelled on the spot and is … Continue reading

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Even a Vampire Has a Heart…….Sometimes

From way back in 2018…in the spirit of Halloween:) Even a vampire has a heart… sometimes. We don’t need to drain Every cat in the woods… Now and then we take them in and make them pets, and yes…put silly … Continue reading

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AI Dreams in Goth-Mini-Installation for Halloween

A small guessing game.. What does the picture depict? 1. A large ottoman for couch watching videos? 2. A feathered cookie jar with a built in radio? 3. An entire Goth multi-media experience, wrapped up and ready for transport? If … Continue reading

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When AI Art Inspires Avatar Art

Soo… on the new virtual world we launched on September 4th of this year :AI DREAMS IN ART , we had an illustrious virtual creator come and fall in love with ourAI art installation….especially our Gothic Gallery (Halloween is coming … Continue reading

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Karima’s After-Sunset-Reading at Circe’s Saturday Oct. 12 6pm slt

Don’t be afraid…I don’t bite much:) as I will be too busy this Saturday, October 12, at Circe’s Poet’s Sanctuary, waiting for that awful sun to go down, so I can read my poetry that I have selected for your … Continue reading

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