“A Story Full Of Bull”

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music: “Lauren’s walking” by Angelo Badalamenti \”Lauren\’s walking\” ~Angelo Badalamenti

One day in 2008, I was sitting on my ranch on Costa Rica Sims wishing I could find a Brahma Bull. I had horses and chickens and even a goat but no bull. I looked all over Second Life and came up with nothing. I knew a clever builder at the time named Laan, and I asked him if it were possible to make one . He said, “Get me pictures and I will try.” So I scoured all the best Google shots I could find and sent them to him. I had a bucking bull, a Longhorn which looked like this:

My neighbor at the time Knor Lane showing off his winning style

I was really hoping to have a bull that looked like this:

This is how we grow them in Costa Rica

Laan the builder_Vector the sculptie and 2008 me

Well Laan made a beauty in record time, but it had a  problem, it was stationary and I was hoping it could move and look more alive. So I remembered a scripter I serendipitously found myself riding a floating  bed in La Reve with one night, all very innocently, and I contacted him and asked if he would be interested in helping me out. I had a beautiful sculpted bull, but not animated and I wanted to see him alive and hear him bellowing.

A night in La Reve brought Epic the Scripter into the larger picture

I contacted Epic and he threw himself into the challenge.  I understood  through many communications from him in mysterious script-geek language, that because the bull was never made, thinking it might some day be asked to animate, it had to be deconstructed and reconstructed with that possibility in mind. I sent him a full perm bull and he was taking him apart in no time.

Epic stripping the Vector down to his bare essentials

All kinds of odd experiments and tests were tried on poor Vector

In the end, sheer will on the part of Epic was needed to pull Vector into line.  He called it  a “Mexican stand-off” and at times it was anyone’s guess who might win it:

A "Mexican stand-off" of wills _Vector and Epic

It was even necessary at times for the scripter to change hair and bring Vector to me wherever he could find me to show me his latest small successes in bringing life to a stubborn sculptie. You have heard of a “Bull in a China Shop” ..well  this is  a Bull in a Dockside Bar in New Orleans.

Epic and Vector on the dancefloor at Kari's Bar and Dance New Toulouse

Finally after many days and even weeks of trial and error, Epic tp’d me up to his sandbox and while we were just exchanging casual greetings, I looked over at Vector and…”He raised his head and cocked his eye” I started to cry. I guess if you remember I am a sensitive poet, my reaction was not so unexpected, but I did..I saw an idea just an idea, come into shape and then come alive before my eyes. It was such a proud moment I felt like the mother of a bull who had two proud fathers and I snapped a picture quickly to never forget this rush of exhilaration flowing in that second.

Magic! The day Vector was born. Epic & I staring on proudly

I wrote this poem

Hello Avatar!
for Epic

What is life, if not but an idea?
Before The Word there was a thought
Take a sculpted beauty and dissect it
breathe in the kiss of existence
with your other passion still  so intact.

Late hours and numbers caress the spark
that lives in you and whips you  on
a true god in a sandbox, that elusive number
the starting point.and then it moves..
Witness to the creation
I am called also back to the living
Oh to build is precious,
but to animate is divine!.

Karima Hoisan
Finca le Generosa
Costa Rica Sims SL
July 14. 2008

After that I took him back to my ranch where he was well-fed, well cared for, ridden to keep him friendly and entertained by flamenco dancers on a daily basis, and this helped him get over his initial aversion to the color red too. Through the miracle of virtual cloning he had many just like himself to keep him company, but if you ever come to visit my ranch (and you all are most welcome) you will recognize Vector from all the rest as he is the only one who has a gold piece of  ring piercing  in his nose to show him off as the original bull of this story.

Henri Godenot, myself and DANY Bimbogami ~Vector below

Karima & Dany flamenco dancing while Vector looks on contentedly.

The End

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10 Responses to “A Story Full Of Bull”

  1. Please come and see Vector and explore the whole sim he is on.
    Here are your co-ordinates


    • Dzin says:

      Oh Sissy (smiles)… I remember those days of ‘waiting’ like an anxious mother and you rushing off (me and Sis Suz sometimes in tow) to just SEE the progress of the magnificent BULL! You and your dang *visions* (LOL). He did turn out extra-ordinary thru the brilliant interaction between yourself (visionary), our dear Bro Laan (creative sculpting) and Epic (an EPIC scripter). All of you combined, whewwwww… I am a witness — that’s a sincere dose of SUPER POWERS!!


  2. Scottius says:

    Thanks for sharing the story of how this bull was steered into being. 🙂

    One of the great things about sl is the inventiveness and cooperative spirit that can help to create things such as Vector the Bull.


  3. I so agree Scottius. This is what I am always amazed about here in SL..It was a cooperative effort.. not for anyone’s personal gain, but for the pure joy of creating


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  6. Nat says:

    What a great nice story! I think second life is made for something like this.


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