“The Two” – Chapter Four

I’m pleased to present Chapter Four in my serial- machinima- narrated story, “The Two” If you are coming upon this post or my blog for the first time, or just haven’t yet seen these, I have a new category to the right entitled “The Two” where you can easily find the urls for all of them in ascending order. This is sort of a video experiment for me in many ways. I am trying new things..everything is new..some might work better than others, but I do take it seriously, and try to present well-edited and thought out episodes. What I lack in tools and technology, I hope to make up by offering a different sort of machinima experience, a much more story telling approach, perhaps more verbal and musical and perhaps more abstract than most. This YouTube is in high quality, so feel free to put it in full-screen, turn up the volume and watch “The Two” – Chapter Four. Enjoy!

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6 Responses to “The Two” – Chapter Four

  1. menubar says:

    So cool Karima! Great effects!


  2. Aww thanks Menubar, and once again your particle statues came in real handy:)


  3. missy rothmanay says:

    To borrow a line from this piece .. I am truly grateful “our worlds collided” Karima.
    Your voice is so beckoning and did i read correctly music original by non other than you? Another feather in your cap most certainly.

    Applauds your machinima projects and wants more more more… please 🙂


  4. Aww thanks Missy..yes I am messing around with the Garage Band program, choosing loops and playing my keypad (you should see me rocking out on the letters) So glad you want more…because I am now working on Chapter Five..and you have always been one of my most appreciative of audiences .Once again…and I give thanks too for our world’s collision:)


  5. My goodness. More drama here than with my triplet granddaughters!
    Very nice effects. Compelling images. It is really to grasp you do it all. You are a profoundly gifted artist. And, you have much to say. Your canvas is growing rapidly. Hard to know where this story is heading…. pretty edgy stuff. Trust comes hard for human beings.The story is old. Is this an inner or outer exploration? Is this some kind of doppleganger or a hullucination? A murky reflection of some deeply buried self? What???
    I guess I will have to stay tuned. Very, very nice work, Karima. Wow.


    • Smiling, might be all of the above Tube.but yes it is a struggle and yet there is desire to get past that point and fin peace and equality. Sometimes we can pull that off. and sometimes we can’t..I love your comments and how you relate to deeply to these Chapters.. It’s always like opening a gift to read them..


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