The Two – Chapter Nine – A Narrated Machinima

Ahh Chapter Nine.. First of all, it is hard for me to believe that I am already on Chapter Nine, as the project of “The Two” was started on the 10th of August, just a month ago. This Chapter is something sort of surprising for me too, and I will only hint because I hope you just watch it. For those who have followed my written series,
“The Colored Dreams”,  you will perhaps grasp this chapter on a deeper level, however if you haven’t, I hope that it will be understandable and decipherable. I also want to say that the main character in this one (The Intimate) makes his singing debut, and that what he keeps repeating (in his strong alien accent) are the Spanish words “No quiero irme” “I don’t want to go away, or I don’t want to leave” The video ends a little ways after the credits, so give it a chance to play itself out please. It was filmed entirely on my sim “Heresy of The Intimate” on Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand and on the amazing and ever-changing, DB Bailey’s Locus in Second Life.  Now I will say no more, except to add, this score, the music I wrote (played in Garage Band) has no loops involved. Each track I wrote and played on my keypad-keyboard, and I am proud of it. This is a first time, I attempt not using any pre-recorded measures, and yet, I think the music does capture the soul of the chapter. I hope you all agree… so, put it in full-screen and good volume. I present Chapter Nine of “The Two” and…may you all Enjoy!!
*If any of you have a hard time understanding what the Intimate is saying, please see my comment and “transliteration” of his words

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11 Responses to The Two – Chapter Nine – A Narrated Machinima

  1. jan says:

    I am speechless…ignited by feelings inspired by this chapter….which is simply astonishing in its depth and beauty….all of its elements are masterful and at the same time radiate such profound depths of Love that reach beyond our mundane world and it capricious matters of the heart. The Intimate is such a unique Soul….and because i have followed all through the Colored Dream Series, i deeply feel him, his love, his sorrow….tears flow for both.
    I don’t know where all this comes from, Karima, ( and likely you don’t either? ),,,but something is here that is in the realm of the Sacred Mysterious…it is a blessing from realms out of this world…it comes from a place that can only be felt by an opening in what the human condiition normally keeps barred and blocked…you have broken through it. I am so moved that i can hardly find words to express…or to thank you once again for your most amazing outpouring of something that somehow touches deepest part of me. I am still reeling.


  2. Wow Jan,
    thank you for these words..that I also know come from a deep part of your own beautiful sensitivity.
    What you wrote here;”I don’t know where all this comes from, Karima, ( and likely you don’t either? ) Is very I am not sure where or what place in me this all comes from, but it doesn’t really matter I guess, right now I am inspired by several things, and I am exploring all of them, including my own obsessive addiction to beauty where I can find it. The sim Locus by DB Bailey has been a key to opening that door that encloses my own personal creative well..The changing beauty that I find there, has moved first my story of “The Colored Dreams” and now this series, “The Two”. I feel so grateful to this process and the good luck of having it put in front of me. I also see deep personal real life dramas transformed into chapters in both tales..All I can say is right now I am very humbled and thankful in the process of seeing what works and what does not,, this driven need to create and push my own envelopes.. finding out what I can and can not do to bring this process into something that is then Art. I only hope it lasts, this wave that has risen up and lets me ride upon it. Thank you dear creative friend, for being one of my closest reflections.


  3. Ilan Tochner says:

    Hi Karima,

    It is absolutely wonderful, the best one in the series by far!

    I loved the music, the sounds and the visuals that combined to form an audiovisual experience. I could hardly follow the story I was so enchanted by the telling of it.



  4. Thank you so much Ilan for leaving this comment. It means a lot to me that you enjoyed it and chose it as your favorite. If not for my world on Kitely, these chapters would not have been born. Objectively, this is one of my favorites too. Even in a litter of all nice puppies, we can pick one that stands out. Chapter Nine is my pick of the litter too….well so far:) Stay Tuned…..


  5. Tube/Ron says:

    Gorgeous! The music is becoming quite complex. The art and all the image work is amazingly complicated. Karima, you are certainly mastering your tools of storytelling. Your work comes from a great passion for life, love, family, desires, and You are becoming a master at passionate observation from the side of the thick sandwich of life, relationships, and experiences. You look into spaces most never see or even know is there. You seem to glide between molecules of air, water, fire, earth, and all the heavens. Effortlessly!

    It takes real skill to make the impossible seem easy. These are as complex as any film noir could create. The male singing voice adds so much power to your story. How brilliant is that! There are so many nuances here I will have to see this love potion # 9 several times to get it all. Well done! It is truly hard to imagine where you will go from here. Bravo!!!!

    Peace and Blessings


    • Aww Tube, thank you so much. You have been such a good friend to me, and the comments you leave me, make me feel that it’s all worthwhile. There Is a lot of hard work in these 6 minute pieces, but it is a labor of love and also self discovery, as I am always amazed what the subconscious can pass by my conscious guards in the form of ideas for my videos..In many cases I was the last to see them clearly..what their deeper meaning held personally for me..Quite a journey and I am so very grateful for all who journey alongside me..You have been there for all of it..
      in peace…


  6. Hoyt Heron says:

    Yo quiero escuchar y mirar cada vez a tus historias. Los amo mucho. Repetirme. Usted es una artista muy talentosa. !Muchisimas gracias ruca!


  7. Y ruco…”no quiero irme” nunca de tu lado:) Gracias por todo tu apoyo:)


  8. Here are the words of The Intimate as a hard-of-hearing otter named Scottius Polke told me he had a difficult time understanding him:)

    The Intimate Speaks…
    “I loved her, your mother’s twin sister Karima..who I called Mine. I loved her with everything, and I was banished for my love.. for this is a crime in my world.”

    I have lost her more than once and now I am being pulled back to a world that no longer contains her. No quiero irme..I don’t want to leave.. but My sentence is over and there is nothing I can do to stop it..everything here will come to an end and disappear out of the nothing like it first came.

    My Karima who lives here with me is the daughter I created from the memories of her mother..not to be a clone of her, but to carry and house the best things I discovered inside of her humanity. I am her father and her creator

    This is My sin this is My heresy I should have not done it..because now she has nowhere to go and she can not return to the world that sentenced her mother to any early death.

    You must take her with you…and soon.
    (After Titles)

    I created her in love and I called her Karima..after the one who taught me about human love.


  9. Emperor Nobilis says:

    Thankyou for that Karima ! This episode was beautiful but the words of the intimate were a bit difficult to make out.


    • Thank you Emperor for your comment..and yes I know that some of the words were lost so I have put them all in a comment that appears right above yours..I hope that helps a bit. I listen on earphones, so I could make most of them out, but then again….maybe I had an advantage of knowing what he was saying *smiles. I appreciate your stopping by my blog:)


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