The Two – Chapter Ten – A Narrated Machinima Story

Presenting Chapter Ten, which I admit, has taken me a bit longer than the others to post. After Chapter Nine where I introduced an important character from “The Colored Dreams,” The Intimate, I felt it important and necessary to make this chapter as sort of a bridge between the two series, as now it is very obvious to those who read the first series, they are intrinsically tied together. I guess we could say, that this is a spin-off story from the other, and in parallel worlds, parallel histories might be going on, especially when it all takes place outside of Time and Space. I want to thank my SL sister once again, Maria Vought, who is owner of the beautiful sim “Natural Wilderness” for looking so good as  young Ismara, and I think she aged quite well too, but especially for taking the time out to shoot these scenes, that without her I could not have filmed. The sort of jerky filming which has become my trademark due to lack of mouse and tools, I tried to compensate with many hours of editing, and good music and narration.  I think all the basic information of the first series is here, condensed in a six-minute film, and I hope for those who didn’t read The Colored Dreams, you still might…:) but if you don’t, this will help some of the previous chapters make more sense,(especially seven and nine)
Filmed once again in both
Second Life and Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand. Besides moving art clips from Scott Draves and The Electric Sheep, I used some great fractals by my best buddy MenuBar Memorial in this chapter, who is also doing a wonderful job as head of the Burn2 Art Team..”Yay Team!” More on that, and Burn2 2011 in a near- future post. For those of you who would like to catch up on missed chapters, I made a category for “The Two” first on the bottom, most recent on top.
The YouTube should play well in full-screen, so get your popcorn and your best date, get comfy..and most importantly…Enjoy!

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12 Responses to The Two – Chapter Ten – A Narrated Machinima Story

  1. joyce says:

    Wonderful work Karima! LOVING the pillow fight. It made me smile to remember how much fun they were. Am thinking we all should get our old feather pillows out, aim & SWING!!


    • I’m smiling too now… a good pillow fight is good exercise and we can take out our little tensions and aggressions in a very soft, pretty harmless way:) I am so glad you enjoyed this chapter and I hope you will continue to follow the series. Thanks so much for taking the time out to leave your comment Joyce:)


  2. Seems like just a few weeks ago, Karima, that you took up machinima to tell this story and, lo and behold, you’ve already built a body of work that is in turns poetic, literary, lyrical, and downright mystical in its exploration of life, love and identity. Can’t figure out how you do it, but it’s a wonder to witness, and am looking forward to seeing where all of this leads. A full-length film, perhaps? 🙂


    • Thank you Chrome, am smiling ear to ear, as to be honest I am not sure how this all came into being myself..but I am riding the wave on a long-board and hoping to make it to shore. Well I would have laughed off the idea of a full length film only a month ago, but in reality, it is only a lot more chapters to go..I watched the whole series for the first time straight through last night, to get a feel for the ending(which has not been written in stone yet) and I was shocked to see I had almost 60 minutes now in these 10 chapters combined so…who knows? Could be possible..All I know is.. friends like you who have been close to me and supported and inspired me are essential to creating even one. Thank you so much for this comment. It means a lot and spurs me on to hang on tight and not “wipe out” before I write “The End”


  3. jan says:

    This chapter really brings all the amazingly crafted elements of this story together and brings us to a point of clarity about the position Karima is in…and about the three Karimas….The Intimate. ( I hope that just this beings name will arouse enough curiosity in some people to go back and read The Colored Dream Series…really a master work when all put together.) Now…i find my imagination running wild about all the possible ways this story will end…or at least leave us to some kind of end that we must live with. The three Karimas….mmmm….not the two- the three…what can this mean?


  4. “The Three” Oh No!!. She is fragmenting into too many pieces for her own good.I am glad you thought the chapter was a good tie-in..I thought it was time to give a bit more detail about the back ground of her story..and yes I do hope a few after seeing the videos, will come back to read “The Colored Dreams” Those who have, will have more imagery perhaps when they ponder her fate.
    Well… stay tuned my dear friend, and I think we will be seeing more of your paintings in this next chapter too.. So funny, a little 5 year old boy was watching this chapter with me and when he saw the pan of the Gallery, when the young sisters are drinking coffee,your angel in the water fall appeared whizzing by and he got all excited,,he said “Look ‘they’ have the same painting you do in your house.” “Good taste in all worlds,” was my reply. Thanks so much for your comment and for following this tale so closely and carefully too:)


  5. Emperor Nobilis says:

    Wonderful work, Karima ! Sorry I have not commented much before, I somehow thought I had to create an account here. You are truly talented the way you are bringing all of the strands together – what a fine story you are weaving ;-D


    • Thank you Emperor for your words and I am glad you are enjoying the small twists and turns of our heroine’s fate..Her story continues on, and as I said above, nothing is written in stone yet..but I feel is converging now into the final chapters..I hope you will approve of where they take her..Thanks too for being a good adversary in Chapter 8, which is one of my personal favorites..


  6. Hoyt Heron says:

    Beautiful!! Cathartic! A story that many readers can get next to. Loss, love, reconnecting, and the whole cycle beginning again. You are so creative Karima. I can’t even imagine how you conjure up your masterpieces. Truly a gift. I enjoyed Maria’s acting debut. She is a natural. And with MenuBar in your art and tech department, how can you go wrong? You are a master. Don’t let the real Hollywood in on your secret. The paparazzi would be relentless. Thank you!


  7. Ohh I try to avoid paparazzi and fame as best I can Hoyt (as you know:) Thank you for following my series with such devotion and obvious enjoyment. A small writer like myself finds inspiration in her readers, and in this case viewers..and you have been one of those, from the very beginning who has encouraged and even insisted I put my writings and creations out in public..Thank you for that and… well just .everything ruco.


  8. Well in usual fashion I seem to be one behind on the story, but this really is a great addition to the series. The tying back in to the events shown in the earlier episodes really does give it a sense of completion. And some fine choices of art for the background too 😉

    Ok onto 11!


  9. Yes It seems those twins had good taste in Art especially pieces they had seen a few times before, and kept getting pulled back to..nudes and strange dock figures for example:) I’m glad you are following this series Scottius, and hope to keep delighting, surprising, and entertaining you in the further chapters:)


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