The Two – Chapter Twelve – A Narrated Machinima Story

Finally! Chapter Twelve has just been uploaded to YouTube. It’s a longer chapter than the others (almost a full minute more) and it seemed like it took forever to be complete.  I hope I am not boring my readers by being on such a monorail-ride of creativity. I too miss the poetry, and the silly adventures that our virtual worlds present and I love to partake and document, but this series has been relentless, in not allowing me to do anything else but create it, as it yells in my ear, whipping me onwards. I feel this way sometimes, like I want to quit, and do something else, but it, or my muse, or whatever that voice is inside, just won’t let me get away with doing that. There is still one chapter to go. I will finish this series(inshallah) on a perfect baker’s dozen, and I hope you will approve of this episode, the next to the last, that leads up to Chapter Thirteen, the finale of “The Two”. As in all the others, this video was filmed in both Second Life and Kitely – Virtual Worlds on Demand  It has been quite a personal adventure on many levels, but certainly it has asked of me, to do things I never thought I could do… and I really like that part.
I will refer you to Chapter Eleven  to see my links for the art I used, a very special painting by my RL friend Jan Betts, and links to her website and an article about her. In this chapter everyone and everything sentient, is wearing her painting texture. I just love it and one chapter was not enough to use it either, I needed this one too. For those of you visiting my blog for the first time, this series can be found in order and auto-play on my YouTube playlist “The Two” or here in a Category “The Two” but in blog order, the first chapter on the bottom, and the most recent on top. The music is my original composition on Garage Band and yes, all voices are mine:)
I see the end in sight now, and so I happily present Chapter Twelve hot off the upload ether-highways. Please watch it all the way past the credits, and  play it in full screen, turn up the sound, and just…. Enjoy!

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10 Responses to The Two – Chapter Twelve – A Narrated Machinima Story

  1. Emperor Nobilis says:

    Oh Karima, such a beautiful chapter ! I really loved the music from this part too. Thankyou for sharing this ! I love how this story is coming together.


    • Thank you Emperor for following them as they unfold. Knowing you have good taste in story-lines (eg: Dr Who) your positive feedback on this one is much appreciated.. Yes it is about to all resolve in the next and last chapter.


      • Emperor Nobilis says:

        You are welcome Karima. This story is touching on some really deep issues – the nature of existence and identity, our awareness of time and space, our powerlessness against the forces of nature and so on. Also, in this chapter the constant repetition of the word “no” by the Intimate gives us a way to connect with his feelings of sadness and makes him for the first time seem a little more accessible to us – especially when you combine this with the Intimate-vision at the end – which was a wonderful effect. I’m looking forward to seeing how everything comes together in the final chapter. I have a feeling (and I hope) this won’t be your last work though !


  2. joyce says:

    Wow! Karima, you ALWAYS give me big time goosebumps! Cheers!Bravo (and stuff)


  3. Finally – deep breath – I had the opportunity to watch all chapters in a row….What a deep impact it is, still lingering around and inside of me. You composed a beautiful story, a sequel of the ” Coloured Dreams “, but always more intriguing and refined, its hard to imagine ! But this is what you did ! I feel so privileged and awesome, for the possibility to love your work and live in your stories*****
    Looking forward to the last chapter with eagerness, dear friend !

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  4. deep, deep breath, sorry for the typo 🙂


  5. Awww Isabel, thank you so much for truly delighting in both “The Colored Dreams” and now “The Two”. I have said it before, and it is very true, people like you reading or watching what I create is an incredible stimulus for me personally to try to write or make the very best chapters I can. You have been not only a real friend but also someone who has given me inspiration, with your own art, and your comments that have made me believe that what I write can reach people. I might never be a “big writer” and even less possibility I will be a great machinima maker, but I know because you and others have made me feel, that what I do can entertain and stimulate thoughts and emotions..well it’s why I will probably keep doing it:) These are not commercial enterprises, these are stories I just wanted to share, hoping to find an audience for them . You have always made me feel that yes..there is one:) Gracias amiga….


  6. The mindsets we have when viewing something can definitely make a difference in how much something sinks in. I have enjoyed all the episodes you have shown and love to see the progression of both the storyline and your ever increasing filming and music making technique. However, after having a few days to “recover” from my old routine, these seemed to sink in much more. I was more able to feel the sense of something coming to an end, and the emotions that come with it. Anyways, beautifully done.


  7. Thanks Scottius..I am so glad your mindset which has become less harried and stressed was able to just enjoy and fall into the storyline as it now rotates slowly but deliberately to the climax. I am planning to post the final chapter this week, and hope you will approve and delight in how it all resolves..


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