Karima Hoisan @ Burn2 Sunday Oct.2 3pm-4pmslt

Come and Let My Poetry Ignite Your Burn!! Poster by MenuBar Memorial

 I’m really excited about this reading coming up at Burn2 (Sl’s version of Burning Man) as it is the first time I have ever performed at one. I have chosen a good selection of favorites as I know this will be a whole new audience for me. I hope you all, my readers and friends can join me at Center Camp on Sunday at 3pmslt. Get Your Burn On dressing up creatively, and show your style and join the community. This year’s Burn2 is looking so good. The Art is incredible, and a line up for an entire week of great music, poetry, and performances.  So I hope you come and join me this Sunday at 3pmslt.
 I will be performing at the Center Camp Stage… here is your pick-up truck…to pick you up

Thanks once again to MenuBar Memorial for another colorful poster!

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