“Tropical Reflections” Karima at Costa Rica Sims Thursday Oct. 27th, 1PM SLT

Oct.27th 1-2PM SLT "Tropical Reflections"- Featured Poet Karima Hoisan

Well I have come full circle this time, with the latest reading I will do Thursday Oct.27th, as it will be held in a sim dear to my heart, Costa Rica Sims. Not only did I live there, had a big cattle ranch there for over two years, see post,“A Story Full Of Bull” but some of you may not know that I live in Real Life Costa Rica. Giancarlo Takacs CEO for CR Sims, is starting up a new tradition of poetry readings on his Estate, that has grown to over 100 + sims, with 400 residents representing 54 countries from around the world. Costa Rica Sims is one of Sl’s very successful success stories, and Giancarlo has invited me to read on the maiden voyage of what I predict will be a very welcome addition, to all the social activities that this Estate is famous for.

Costa Rica Sims ~400 residents representing 54 countries 0n 100+ sims

A beautiful comfy spot was chosen for "Tropical Reflections"

I will be reading a carefully chosen hour of my own poetry, a few of these I will do bi-lingual and maybe one of Neruda’s classics too.  As always, the reading will be on the music stream with music chosen as a background for each poem, and I will also put up images for each. For those who have never come to a reading of mine, I invite you to pull up a blanket and join me with a poetry loving group of Costa Rica Sims residents and poetry lovers in general.
Here is your ox cart link (our traditional and famous retro mode of transport) and I hope you will join me this Thursday Oct 27th at 1PM SLT to celebrate the first “Tropical Reflections” in my beloved SL/RL Costa Rica.

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