In A Hotel Lobby

“You have my back, From three meters away…”

Please Enjoy a wonderful Arabic song by Amr Diab to put you in the mood. Click the mp3 link to listen: We 3’alawtak

In a Hotel Lobby

for RoseDrop Rust

You have my back.
From three meters  away,
you have my back.
Harlequin floor, I am in black.
My black spike heels stand waiting,
going tappity- tap.
A mystery package fully wrapped.
This elegant face scarf, modesty’s royal guard   
allows a subtle downward  cross of eyes
and the floor becomes too busy pattern-wise,
We are standing in a hotel lobby in Dubai
and I refuse to turn around.

“From two meters away, you have my back.”

You have my back
From two meters  away
you have my back.
Your stare is aimed,
between my shoulder blades…
two drill bits
boring holes into deeper curiosity.
You begin to inject your adrenaline
from two meters away.
I wonder how you dare?
I wonder if you are aware
you make my pump speed up?
but I refuse to turn around.

I know, that you are staring below my scarf, at that embarrassing curl,

You have my back
From one meter away
you have my back.
Pocket change for bellboys jingle
an upbeat rush of carts and baggage,
room service trays,.
I know, that you are staring below my scarf
at that embarrassing curl,
like a kite tail down my back,
a desert late afternoon,
with dialects of Arabic, a breathy syncopated tune.
While my small smile begins to bloom,
I imagine that you have one too,
but of course I refuse to turn around.

You have my back.From half a meter away, you have my back.””

You have my back
From half a meter away
you have my back.
Tap tappity tap, my heels switch to the off beat.
I self-consciously sweep that dangling shiny strand
back up where it belongs,
and “Ohhh” it is so hot, to my touch.
Who knows? Who really knows?
How you learned to heat your stare
 a curling iron, that pulls my curl, back down my back.
I reach behind to right it once again,
your breath protests in whispers
while your eyes caress and squeeze my hand.
My breath drops down an elevator shaft
Doors open, tight bells go off unspoken
I walk away,
through revolving glass,
Into the cooling end of a day,
and you knew I would never turn around.

Karima Hoisan
May 6 2012
Linc Island SL

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7 Responses to In A Hotel Lobby

  1. The excellent poet RoseDrop Rust had given me the intricate job of explaining the Middle East to him from an insider’s point of view. When he asked about “public flirtations” I was inspired to write this poem, and add a few pictures to better capture the mood.:)a big thanks to Hoyt Heron for playing the handsome other. Oh..and I know the Chelsea Hotel isn’t in Dubai..but it sure is beautiful!!


  2. Steve Rogers says:

    Proof that the subtlest thought and feelings can be deliriously sexy 🙂


  3. Ooooh, who doesn’t enjoy a subtle flirtation? It’s sexy for sure AND I was transported for those precious moments of reading… right where you wanted me to be. Thanks Sissy for the excursion 🙂


  4. My pleasure Sissy Diz..This is just a small poetic lesson in “how to” or at least on one of the many variations of it.I am glad you found it sexy..Really sometimes less is much more so…if you know what I mean? Thanks for leaving your comment Sis:)


  5. Hoyt Heron says:

    Karima.. This is one of your finest works (Have I said that before?). Seriously..If there is a way to be extremely subtle and extremely sensual at the same time you have captured it. How many times has a scenario such as this arisen, leaving one only to wonder for the rest of his/her life what might have happened if…..? “And you knew I would never turn around.” Anyone who reads this is going to reflect on a moment such as this. I must say it yet again…”How did you get like this?”


  6. Big smiles..well I think if I would have known it was you Hoyt, I might have turned around :)Thank you for your stellar performance as the man behind me. It was so much fun doing this, and that phone booth in the lobby was interesting too. How did I get this way? hehe who knows?


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