Thank You!! You Made It Happen!

I just want to make this small post to send my readers all our heartfelt thanks (will speak for Nat here too)  for taking the time to watch our movie “Where Are You?” and give us an fb Like in the MadPea “Nightmare at The Carneval” Machinima Contest.
We Won!!
You were why we won!!

All the entries that made the finals I think were excellent, and I want to say here I also send my congratulations to all who participated and especially to Spiral Silverstar (Joe Zazulak) for his very imaginative entry that took Second place and to Lancelot Skytower who took Third.
Last a big Thank you to MadPea Productions for their sponsoring of these amazing creative builds,and this Machinima Contest that was both challenging and fun.

30 secs to 90 secs in length

We Won!

Congratulations to our MadPea Machinima Contest winners!
1st prize – 12 000L goes to Karima Hoisan and Natascha Randt
2nd prize – 5 000L goes to Spiral Silverstar
3rd prize – 3 000L goes to Lancelot Skytower
Thank you ALL for your entries, we truly enjoyed them all
and appreciate the hard work and passion you put into them!
Stay Mad!

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12 Responses to Thank You!! You Made It Happen!

  1. Rob M. Steenhorst says:

    Congratulations!! you have earned the prize!


  2. daleinnis says:

    woooot! 🙂


  3. Hoyt Heron says:

    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fist pumping in the air!! So proud of both of you!!!


  4. Aislinn says:

    Congratulations !! Well deserved !!


  5. salsaman says:

    Yaaayyyy !!! So pleased for you both :DD


  6. Aww thanks salsaman.. for your great message


  7. Nat says:

    BIG BIG THAAAAAANKIES! to all ppl who liked our small little nightmare 🙂 Thats sooo great! I never thought that we could win a like challenge. And also BIG Thankies for all the great comments! WOW! Or in the famous words of Fred Flinstone: Yabadabadoo! 🙂


  8. Haha Nat seem to save her Fred Flintstone gesture only when she wins a film competition :)..As I recall she pulled it out too, for her comment on our 2nd Place in the UWA V. I hope to help her say Yabadabadoo many many more times in 2013 hee hee 🙂


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