Karima Debuts at Creations For Parkinson’s: Where Life Begins Again ~ Wed. Jan. 9th 1pmslt

Poetry Park at Creations for Parkinson's

Poetry Park at Creations for Parkinson’s

For me, it is always a special experience to do a reading in a place I have never read before. I guess you might say, I am sort of choosey where I read, as I only do, at most two readings a month. I have been looking forward to this one, since we first talked about it in Fall of 2012. It’s because I hold this sim and the project in general, and the people who run and it and inject their time and love into it, in the highest esteem, that I agreed.
Barbie Alchemi and her mother Fran are the visionaries who have made this dream into a reality. I want to point you to a very well written article that came out this month in “Best of SL Magazine Jan. 2013.
Written with sensitivity and lots of information by Sonicity Fitzroy, with beautiful photos of the whole sim by Bonny Greenwood, it can give you a much clearer idea on what this sim stands for, and means to all who have this debilitating disease, or are caregivers for someone who does. Please clic this link in bold and turn to page 76. Creations for Parkinson’s in Best of SL Magazine Jan. 2013.  I think it is well worth the time, and for all who are avid Slers, I promise it will make you feel proud of our world. This sim is affiliated with the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, and in only seven months has raised over $4500.00 for their cause
When SL is utilized for projects like this one, it is being used in the best possible of ways, to bring, relief, community,opportunity for creativity and optimism, which can amount to in many cases, a brand new life to those who felt theirs had been taken away with the diagnosis.
My dear friend and mentor-muse Architect DB Bailey, who has Parkinson’s disease, is very much involved here and his latest installation,” Compulsive Creativity” that Natascha captured so well in her movie “Advice To A Flower flies high overhead
Wed. Jan 9th at 1pmslt will be my debut in their beautiful amphitheater that Barbie says, “…was built just for me. ” I may be the first, but I know that this beautiful venue will host some of the best poets in SL, and I am proud to “break ground” so to speak, with my reading this Wednesday.
Please join me in this lovely setting. As always I will give you the best of my heart, and words and music. I have a few never- done- in -public before and a very special poem I composed the music for, by RoseDrop Rust. So…grab  a carriage- ride here, and I will look forward to seeing you there. Since half of what the sim receives in donations, goes directly to Parkinson’s Research, please be generous with the venue, and I forgo any personal tips that day, to also contribute to keeping this lovely dream a reality.
Your Ride To The Front Gate

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2 Responses to Karima Debuts at Creations For Parkinson’s: Where Life Begins Again ~ Wed. Jan. 9th 1pmslt

  1. Nat says:

    Was a great reading! Although LL made some problems with LAG and things and after crashing two times, the stream was gone for me, but but it works over vcl, so I could listen to the rest of the reading. And it was worth! Your voice came up crystal clear. It was so great, listening while you read Rosedrop’s poem the first time in public.
    And also the audience was really great and generous.
    Thank you for this wonderful evening Karima!


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