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Ramadan Mubarak! Ramadan Kareem!

Ramadan Impressions 2007 The naked eye sees new moon over the horizon peek,Mouth -to -mouth the news is spread around the world.Ears on buzzing phone lines, whole networks going down;Millions jumping in their cars to buy last minute treats.Dates and … Continue reading

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A Kiss in the Fog

A kind word is like a kiss in the fog,it warms the heart; it brightens the day,and the cold mist is lifted,and then… someone smiles again. To be kind,is a special part of generosity.It’s a conscious act towards another to … Continue reading

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Today Is The Day

Today Is The Day for Hoyt I know I have been so remiss… the best things in this life that keep coming and coming like a sunset to dawn, sunrise to stars I take them all too easily for granted. … Continue reading

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This Winter’s Coming Colder

See what happens when we look away, and the magician pulls out a nightmare from his hat? How.. or why did he do it.. and why weren’t we aware of that? Did you feel a sway in your reality on … Continue reading

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The Random Generosity Drop

Sometimes ideas are born without even thinking about them. This one was, and I want to share it, because I think it might have an easy universal appeal. It’s a win-win-win kind of thing. Everyone wins, and directly two will … Continue reading

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