See Frog Run

"Was he still really a frog after so many changes....?"

“Was he still really a frog after so many changes….?”  (Photo taken in a pool on Beyond  Sebgram X-99 Kitely)

See Frog Run

The frog ran away from the insanity.
He clenched his hands tight as he leaped over
wheat-fields and  freeways,
like a dog running off with a leg of lamb.
We are what we eat ,
so he grew lamb-shanks for limbs,
which really was not so surprising…
Ahh, but that he made his escape from calamity,
was in the end what did surprise him.
Someone with no humor set him on fire
but the flames did become him
and melted to mold him
Now he was a gold medal Olympic runner,
an ultra- marathon stunner
a broadband broad- jumper.
the frog who changed his destiny .
He threw off those tired horses in midstream
then turned a nightmare into a dream,
agile, and fleet in grace and  esteem
because everyone who knew him rejoiced he got away.

There were flares and night terrors and blood soaked mud layers
he leaped lakes, full of poisonous snakes.
He never stopped running and still is to this date,
tears trickle down the cheeks of his face
just remembering…just remembering…
the wind fanning so many burning memories.

The frog made a leap back to life and he knew
 he could never stop running; jet -propelled now
streaking high in the air like a burning comet he flew
over cities and patchworks of farmlands,
the wind whistling deep in his ears.
His body changing from raw meat into particles
he flew over  the earth he once hopped.
Was he still really a frog after so many changes
after a lifetime of fleeing with no stop?

His mutton legged nightcap whipping him on
The rain clouds grew comforting, as he was reborn
Like Lola he ran through the eye of the storm
a dark ember remained glowing inside him.
No hurdle too high now, no pain was too raw,
no crazy thought  path was left  to experiment
He sailed over and out of the comfort of atmosphere
He went to the void and reached towards the stars
He needed no gulp- breaths, no frog pond, no love- mate
spiraling, he ran in circles going faster and faster.
Is he now that red star that circles the heavens?
Is he the meteorite we watch fall on horizons?
Did he expand into his own  fiery galaxy?
Really It doesn’t matter at all.
What will stay in the history books of future days
will only be that
everyone who knew this frog from before
all rejoiced that he got away.

Karima Hoisan
Re-posted from 2011

* Note: I had forgotten about this poem..Just wanted to share it again and maybe do it in one of my next readings.

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4 Responses to See Frog Run

  1. Steve Rogers says:

    This crazy, heartwarming, exciting, surreal poem is one of my favourites. It’s so confident… or is that just a reflection of the confidence of the frog?


  2. Thanks Steve, I know you like this one. I will dedicate it to you at my reading on Dec.28th:)


  3. daleinnis says:

    Haha, I love this one; surreal and crazy, and yet as Steve says heartwarming; the images may not make surface sense, but they connect…


  4. It might all make a bit more sense Dale, if you see the original texture, a painting by Fiona Leitner I have hanging in my Gallery. You can see it here actually: I think the “mutton-chop-nightcap” is a bit more visible in the original:) Thank you for the great comment.


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